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WorldFleet is a miltary and intelligence organization that exists long before the start of the main story and far separated from Athera. PanTac Trade outsources their dirty operations to WorldFleet.

Enlistment and progression in WorldFleet requires stringent background checks and biometric probes against dishonesty. WorldFleet allows officers a brief recreational leave between postings.

Divisions and Ranks

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Sundering Star.

Jessian enlists with WorldFleet as a teenager under the name Susan Amanda MacTavish. Given her clean record, sharp intellect, and linguistic fluency, she quickly reached the higher ranks of WorldFleet in her mid-twenties. She is sent to Scathac by WorldFleet to negotiate the relocation of the Biedar tribe, who refuse to move under a PanTac mandate of forced eviction. Jessian learns that both WorldFleet and Koriathain are secretly interested in the Biedar for their use of magic. WorldFleet hopes that Biedar magic can avert the risk of Calum Quaide Kincaid's great weapon.

After the great weapon is fired at Scathac, the WorldFleet base there is destroyed. The planet as a whole and a handful of survivors are protected by Biedar magic.