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Whitehaven is a hostel of Ath's Brotherhood in the Skyshiel Mountains. It is built with white granite and features airy arched cupolas. The entrance consists of carved granite pillars covered in animate symbols crafted by Ath's Adepts.

Whitehave is not displayed on the overland map of Paravia, but is just south of the road between Eastwall and Highscarp in Daon Ramon, Rathain. The trail from the main road is a narrow, rough staircase of flint rock that leads up over a rise and down into a fold in the scarp.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Third Age 5670: Elaira visits this hostel in seek of knowledge that might help her in the struggle between Arithon and the Koriathain.