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Lord Vorrice is the Lord High Examiner in Avenor. In this role, he enforces the persecution of those practicing sorcery. He has pale eyes, jowls, and fleshy lips.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: When Mearn scales a tower in Avenor in search of Talith, he stumbled upon a covert meeting where Vorrice is in attendance. Vorrice attends to Lysaer when Talith's pregnancy is discovered. He suggests that she burn for infidelity with a sorcerer, but Lysaer opts for a trial for treason instead.

After overhearing an unflattering ballad near Middlecross, Vorrice sentences Felirin the Scarlet to a public burning. Felirin is rescued by Arithon, acting in his role as Athera's Masterbard, and Vorrice is wounded by the glass shattered when Alithiel's defense wards are activated.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: Under Vorrice's watch, three practitioners of magic are given the opportunity to prove their powers on Caithwood's fallen troops. Sethvir reveals himself during the trial and bargains with Cerebeld, who agrees to a grant of protection for Caithwood in exchange for the awakening of the troops, in spite of Vorrice's protests. Afterwards, Vorrice sends patrols out in search of Sethvir and the escaped herb witch, but the effort is unsuccessful. After the conspiracy at Riverton, the Cabal of Light hold a clandestine meeting to plot the spread of Light across all five kingdoms. Vorrice worries that a reduction in troops will make it easier for magic users to flee to Havish.