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Vhandon is Duke Bransian s'Brydion's oathsworn commander at arms. He is described as a taciturn veteran with a square-cut face, jade eyes, and close-cropped gray hair.

Vhandon's clan bloodline stretches back to the uprising. He has three children: the eldest son is a farmer, his sole daughter is married, and his youngest son serves in Alestron's army.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: To avoid the potential for the Mistwraith's curse to interfere in a plot at the Riverton shipyard, Parrien s'Brydion orders Vhandon and Talvish to break Arithon's leg, and then stand by him in defense as recompense. After the s'Brydion plan is executed, Talvish and Vhandon guard Arithon's privacy from Dakar's intrusion.

Third Age 5669: The pair travel with Arithon in search of the Paravians for the next 15 years. When Vhandon and Talvish question the Mistwraith's influence in the decision to return to Paravia, Arithon argues for his free will and integrity, pledging not to resist any attempt to stop him. After arriving at the Sanpashir ruins, Arithon convinces the pair to stay aboard the Khetienn by promising to rejoin them in Alestron after the rescue.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Vhandon and Talvish are at Alestron when Dakar and Fionn Areth finally arrive in the summer. They escort Fionn Areth to his guest chambers and, later, to a banquet with the s'Brydion brothers. When Feylind arrives aboard the Evenstar to collect Fionn Areth, Vhandon and Talvish accompany him onboard. Arithon appears on the ship to protect it from a Koriani trap, and Vhandon helps the crew prepare for a fiend storm. When Arithon is in danger of falling asleep from exhaustion, Vhandon takes first watch over him. Vhandon arm wrestles with Fionn Areth to pass some time. At the edge of failure, Arithon engages his gift of Shadow and flash freezes the iyats, then has them sealed into a pot.

Third Age 5671: After the Evenstar is repaired, Vhandon leaves with Arithon aboard the Khetienn. Brought ashore in Shand, Arithon and his party encounter Kyrialt and other clansmen out of Selkwood. Arithon wagers that he can rob a caravan of stolen amethysts, a tribute to the Light, and silk for Glendien's wedding gift without bloodshed. Talvish and Vhandon win money from the clan scouts when Arithon succeeds. Afterwards, Vhandon accompanies Arithon to the camp of Erlien s'Taleyn. Talvish and Vhandon guard Arithon when he seeks seclusion at River Hanhaffin, but allow Glendien to pass for an afternoon's dalliance. When Arithon's appearance gives the impression that he attempted to rape her, the prince does not gainsay the assumption. Vhandon learns the truth when the ruse fails and Erlien forces Arithon to accept Kyrialt's oath of fealty. Vhandon attends Kyrialt and Glendien's bridal feast and then departs for Telzen with Arithon.

Arithon and Dakar separate from Vhandon, Talvish, and Fionn Areth, with the double under Rathain's crown protection to avoid Koriani interference. The trio continue on to Atwood. When Arithon agrees to help the Fellowship rout an incursion of necromancy, Fionn Areth is left in the charge of Vhandon and Talvish. The trio travel to Alestron to rejoin the service of Duke Bransian.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: On Bransian's request, Vhandon resumes his lapsed duty as a captain. Bransian orders him to lead the burning of crops as far west as Pellain and south to Six Towers. Keldmar orders Vhandon and ten men to go behind enemy lines to learn when Lysaer will arrive. Vhandon pledges to do so and return to defend Alestron. He disguises himself as a new sunwheel recruit and is in the Alliance camp when Lysaer arrives. The covert group is fleeing camp when Lysaer turns his gift of Light against the farmsteads surrounding Alestron, killing Keldmar and his troops as well as Vhandon's eldest son.

Cut off from Alestron, Vhandon realizes that his men can best serve Duke Bransian as free agents through covert raids. Vhandon and his men sabotage a safe harbor near Lugger's Islet, sinking Alliance ships taking shelter from winter storms. The men rejoin Parrien when his raiding galleys sail into the cove and Vhandon tells Parrien about Lysaer's initial attack on Alestron. The pair plot to attack Alestron's attackers under the cover of the remaining Alliance hulls.

When Arithon awakens Alithiel, Vhandon's daughter chooses to leave Alestron, while his youngest son stays with the army. Parrien's men land at Alestron and attack Alliance troops enspelled by Alithiel's song. Only Vhandon is aware that something is unnatural. He makes his way towards the Sea Gate to warn Alestron and is received by Sevrand and Bransian. Sevrand takes him to Watch Keep to seek help. The group at Watch Keep plots a rescue attempt, helped by Elaira's return and her knowledge of Selidie's sigil. Vhandon selects the men that will accompany Dakar on the attempt. After the fighting intensifies following the Evenstar's run down the estuary, Bransian asks Vhandon to appeal to Arithon for Shadow support. Arithon refuses, believing that more Shadow would destroy the opening for Lysaer to recover his sanity under free will. He explains his risky plan to appear dead by tying his spirit to Alithiel as he did in Daon Ramon Barrens, but this time with the sword's chord awakened. Vhandon collects Elaira and Glendien from their healing efforts, warning them of Arithon's plan.

Based on a premonition from Dakar, Vhandon and Talvish search the citadel for Fionn Areth, who might be the subject of a new Koriani sigil. Their search is interrupted when the Evenstar explodes prematurely destroying a lower weir gate. Vhandon and Talvish enter the sewers where Cattrick and Fionn Areth are barely holding the attackers at bay. Cattrick is felled by a crossbow quarrel and Vhandon orders Talvish to secure the gate and see Arithon safely out of Alestron. Vhandon and Fionn Areth die in the sewers, but delay the attackers long enough for Sevrand's reinforcements to arrive.


  • Vhandon is more than ten years older than Keldmar, who looked up to him as a mentor.