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Traithe is a member of the Fellowship of Seven. He is a corporeal Sorcerer with disfiguring scars on his palms and wrists, who walks with a very pronounced limp. He has clipped, silver hair and a clean-shaven face. Ever since his impairment, he has worn black robes and a broad-rimmed hat with silver trim, similar to a caithdein's colours. His weakened powers are augmented by Raven who generally travels with him.


Traithe was the first Sorcerer on the scene when the Mistwraith invaded through the South Gate. He lost access to his higher frequencies during a (successful) attempt to seal the Gate in Third Age 4993, initially believed to be caused by a backlash of mishandled conjury. Because the Fellowship is unsure whether he could make the transition to discorporate status (like Kharadmon and Luhaine) in his crippled state, he chooses to remain in his physical body. It is also unclear if Traithe could fully cross into the void at death, since a part of his being is still with the Mistwraith.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Following the attack on the half-brothers at Ithamon, Sethvir hypothesizes that Traithe did not mishandle grand conjury at the time of his impairment -- instead, he was attacked by the Mistwraith on a different temporal plane and burned the possession out of his being, as a hill warrior might hack off a limb with a septic wound[1].

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: Traithe is first introduced by name when he visits Althain Tower to fight the meth-snakes. Traithe is present for the casting strands, and then mends bridles in Lysaer's room. Traithe and Lysaer share a meal, and then enter the storerooms in search of the crown jewels of Havish. From here, Traithe travels to Ghent to see to the hidden heir to the throne of Havish.

Third Age 5638: He is recalled by Kharadmon to Etarra for Arithon's coronation. During the preparation for the coronation, Traithe guards the south ward armory to prevent Gnudsog's deputies from gathering more weapons. On the day of the coronation, Traithe guards the front steps of the council hall. When Asandir hears from Sethvir, Traithe enters the council hall and prevents Morfett from revealing the Fellowship troubles. When Arithon enters the council hall in search of Asandir, Traithe loans him the use of Raven to reach Sethvir, and then puts the entire hall of ministers to sleep to deflect their aggression. He then sets wards over all the windows and doors to prevent them from escaping. At some point during the riots, as Lysaer is attempting to attack the darkness, Traithe leaves the city.

He is next sent to Narms by Sethvir where he prevents Elaira from breaking her Koriani vows. He leaves her with Sethvir's augury: "For good or ill, you're the one spirit alive in this world who will come to know Arithon best. Should your Master of Shadow fail you, or you fail him, the outcome will call down disaster."[2]

At the end of the story, Traithe travels to Shand to begin training Eldir. This may be a misprint, since the story previous said that Eldir was hidden in Ghent.[3]

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: Before the Vernal Equinox, Traithe is in Radmoore Downs with Raven. He travels to Methisle Fortress for a Fellowship convocation. Traithe presumes that the meeting is being held here to deal with the migration of meth-snakes -- had his facilities been whole, he would have known that they were quiescent. Sethvir, Asandir, and Traithe review their responsibilities to Athera. Verrain is also present. Later, they cast strands to study the methuri of the past, in hopes of discovering knowledge about the Mistwraith's curse. Because the veil of time is only opaque to those senses tied to flesh, Asandir goes into a trance and exits his body for the scrying while Traithe stands by him to ward and guard. Next, the Fellowship revisits the exact moment of possesion, raising an image of Arithon's personal signature over Meth Isle Fortress, intefering with a Koriani probe. Although it prevents the Koriathain from discovering Arithon's whereabouts, it reveals his personal Name pattern and the fact that he had drunk from the Five Centuries Fountain. After the infamy at Jaelot, Traithe is sent to Ghent to curb a series of house fires set by iyats.

Third Age 5646: Traithe is sent to Ostermere to help King Eldir settle a dispute between the Elkforest clans and the merchants of Quaid.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: Traithe is in Vastmark, inspecting fault lines for shepherd bands. After the attack on Althain Tower, Luhaine arrives to bring news of what has occurred.

Third Age 5647: Traithe is sent to Lysaer's state galley in Cheivalt to support the ransom exchange.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: In the year leading up to Autumn Equinox, Traithe is ensconced in Althain Tower with Asandir and Sethvir, assisting with the construction of the star wards. He is also present with the rest of the Fellowship when Lysaer is cast out of the Compact. Sethvir shares a review of Lysaer's aura with Traithe, revealing that Lysaer's flaws are not wholly curse-driven. While in rapport with Traithe, Sethvir realizes that Traithe's lost self might be contained in Rockfell Pit with the captured wraiths.

Third Age 5653: Traithe travels the coastline of Havish to raise a spell of proximity to prevent Tysan's slave ships from sneaking into Havish ports. After Arithon crossing through a grimward, Traithe travels to Caithwood along Mainmere Bay in search of Jieret. With Jieret's consent, he prepares a ritual that will separate the caithdein's spirit from his body, using the blood pact to locate Arithon. He guards the protected location where time is suspended while Jieret's spirit and Raven search for the prince. The grimward crossing takes 3 months, and the party reappears in Caithwood during the summer months. Traithe, Raven, and Jieret arrive at the same location by way of a Fellowship ward and begin a ritual to reawaken Arithon, using the natural elements of Caithwood. Traithe stands by as Jieret talks Arithon through his guilt and delivers the good news of Caolle's final victory. He then departs for Havish to complete the coastal wards against slave ships.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: Working from north to south, Traithe completes the slave ship wards in Havish. He is ordered by Sethvir to stay clear of Tysan, because of the renewed fervor of Lysaer's Crown Examiners, and travels south to Earle for a convocation on the Summer Solstice. Traithe assists with the preparations for the grand scrying, through communion with Raven. The Fellowship use the view into the next twelve years to organize their efforts in service of the Compact.

Third Age 5667: Traithe visits Alestron aboard the Evenstar. He warns the s'Brydion family of Lysaer's long-term plans and passes on Sethvir's request to send three s'Brydion children to Havish for safety's sake. He sends word back to Sethvir that the ground under Etarra will require warning before the Etarran fortress is built.

Third Age 5669: Traithe is not feeling well and Sethvir sends him to map shale fault lines in Vastmark to conserve his strength. Raven works to keep the shale steady when Morriel launches an attack on Athera. Traithe remains in the mountains near the Cascain Islands to hold the Fourth Lane stable until someone else from the Fellowship can assist.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: As winter comes to an end, Traithe travels to Mirthlvain Swamp to help Verrain with the methspawn, but is delayed by a flood on River Ippash. When Arithon is captured at Ithamon, Traithe is in Vastmark near Forthmark. Raven is summoned away by Sethvir.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5671: Traithe is traveling to Methisle Fortress when he is called away to Atwood for a more important errand involving necromancy. He warns Arithon of encroaching necromancy in Etarra, Darkling, and Jaelot, and teaches him more about necromancy.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Traithe is meeting with Atwood's clansmen in Tirans Ruins when Arithon is freed from the curse. When asked if the sequence of events was forecast by Sethvir and Asandir on the hour that Jeynsa was made caithdein's heir, Traithe admits that he does not know. During the Siege of Alestron, Traithe remains in Atwood, protected by raised Paravian wards. When Kharadmon arrives in Atwood, the discorporate Sorcerer admits his worry, that Selidie was already leaving the battlefield when ordered to leave.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5922: In early winter, Traithe is at Telmandir keeping vigil over the dying High Queen of Havish.

Third Age 5923: Sethvir sends Traithe to Etarra in hopes of extending Daliana's sham trial before the True Sect. He steps forward under the name of Trey to act as Daliana's advocate, although it appears that the Light's Hope recognizes his true identity. A parade of friends and strangers testify that Daliana used witchcraft without comment from Traithe. Later, a Red Cockerel drudge enters the trial disguised as the magistrate's wife, a ploy by Traithe to highlight the uncertainty of eyewitnesses. As the crowd's patience wanes, Dakar plays the role of a drunken fool to disrupt the trial. The Light's Hope sentences him to death alongside Traithe and Daliana.

When Lysaer, ablaze in a corona of light, arrives with a temple diviner and threatens the outcome of the trial, the Light's Hope reaches under his robe for another Koriani bane ward. He is interrupted by Traithe and the Etarran populace is able to see the fetch, revealing the True Sect conspiracy to use Lysaer as a curse-driven figurehead. Traithe takes the opportunity to claim the bane ward and depart unhindered.

While Selidie Prime coordinates a final trap for Arithon in Lanshire, Kharadmon helps Traithe evade a True Sect examiner.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: The True Sect persist in tracking Traithe. Sethvir asks Kharadmon to assist him in leaving Rathain.

Third Age 5924: In late summer, Sethvir mentions that Asandir lent his escort to Traithe so he could leave Morvain.

When Dakar's plan threatens to prematurely awake Seshkrozchiel, Sethvir dispatches Traithe to Lanshire to raise wards.

Third Age 5925: Traithe is in Telmandir advising High Queen Ceftwinn when he learns that Arithon has discovered the Paravians' secluded sanctuary. He questions the strength of the wards around Seshkrozchiel's hibernation area.

In one of Ciladis' journals, Arithon discovers a sketch of Traithe, depicting him as he was before the attack at South Gate.


  • Traithe does not have a beard, but sometimes sports a short, trimmed moustache.[4]
  • Traithe, being damaged, uses "objects" to focus intent in ceremonial fashion, but the "objects" are only focuses to hold place for a concept -- not powerful in and of themselves. He carries a knife that has never drawn blood.[5]
  • When Felirin the Scarlet loses his fingertips to fire damage, it is suggested that Traithe's limited faculties are insufficient to fix the disfigurement, but that another Fellowship sorcerer might have been able to save the fingers if present.
  • Traithe was the only member of the Fellowship to not attend the inquiry into Davien's actions in Third Age 5129. He was fog-bound in Morvain at the time.
Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.
  • Traithe maintains a winter town house in Morvain.
Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.


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