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"Townsfolk" is a blanket term to describe humans on Athera who live in walled cities. Generally, townsfolk are not attuned with Atheran mysteries, and fear the clansmen.

Areas where townsfolk were allowed to settle and construct new towns after arrival in Third Age 1 were not critically high resonance and could support limited farming and roadbuilding to aid human survival.


As humans with the least potential for latent talent, townsfolk settled in authorized locations far from the free wilds to avoid any upset of the mysteries. Their clan counterparts interacted with Paravians on behalf of all of mankind. A townborn could choose to undergo the test of Paravian exposure. In rare cases, this might lead to the establishment of a new clan lineage.


After the establishment of the Compact the broad collection of surnames from many backgrounds and cultures was winnowed down to a single name for each individual with family grouping delineated by the word sen. Over centuries, the system evolved, with sen and the parent's name denoting a family group.[1] Some townborn names with origins from the previous culture before the Compact would have evolved over to some Atheran derivative.

An example of a town-style name is Daliana sen Evend.


  • Mayors are elected or selected by a town council but then rule for a life term.


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