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Toler sen Beckit is a townborn smuggler. He has brown hair and an agile intelligence.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Black Bargain.

Third Age 5013: After double-crossing his smuggling partners one too many times, Toler is captured in Riverton and sentenced to ten years on a convict galley. Toler accepts when Davien offers to secure his release, curious as to what the Fellowship could need with a man like himself. Davien enlists his help to reveal the secrets of a cult of necromancers using Drake Skulls to conceal their actions.

Toler begrudgingly agrees, in hopes of finding a way to desert later on. They travel to a place near the grimward on the Korias Flats, where Toler is set to seemingly meaningless tasks for weeks while Davien perfects some sort of magecraft.

Third Age 5014: Just after Winter Solstice, Toler returns to camp early and stumbles upon a meeting between Davien and Seshkrozchiel. The great drake suspects transgressions of the Compact. Davien sidesteps the concern and offers himself unconditionally if evidence is found to the contrary.

The next morning, Toler is sent to Hanshire cloaked in magecraft to make him appear as a half-witted deaf-mute. Davien maintains a line of communication into Toler's thoughts. He suspects that the Gray Kralovir will attempt to form an alliance with the Koriathain through Hanshire's mayor, and intends to use the disguised Toler to infiltrate the sisterhood.

Toler is quickly nabbed by guards for beggary and discreetly transferred to Madame Everlay's brothel instead of jail. Morriel Prime purchases Toler from Madame Everlay, believing him to be a half-witted deaf-mute. Toler spends the next year performing menial tasks for the Hanshire sisterhouse under Morriel's watchful eye. Toler wonders if his sister, Enna might have been snatched by the Koriathain and Davien states that the Koriathain only co-opt the destitute without kinfolk.

Third Age 5015: Just before Winter Solstice, Morriel's aged servant passes away and she chooses Toler as his replacement. Toler spends the next three seasons in the presence of magecraft involving the Skyron Focus and Great Waystone.

Third Age 5016: In the fall, Toler accompanies Morriel and six high-ranked enchantresses to a meeting in Hanshire's hall of state. When the necromancer, Taranthine, sets up four Drake Skulls around the meeting, the subliminal link between Toler and Davien is severed. The necromancers propose a conspiracy to overthrow Charter Law and dethrone the crown bloodlines.

After the necromancers have departed, the Mayor of Hanshire and Morriel hold a second, more private meeting protected by the Great Waystone. They note that Koriani spell crystals will be needed to send a simultaneous signal across the High Kingdoms to trigger the rebellion to avoid giving the Fellowship any advance warning. Morriel sets the price for Koriani participation to be the Gray Kralovir's Drake Skulls.

Later, Davien proposes to trigger the rebellion early, in hopes of procuring the Drake Skulls in the chaos and allowing some chance to preserve the Compact in spite of the cost. Toler promises to help if his sister's ritual sacrifice can be avenged, and Davien promises to root out necromancy in all forms across the world.

Third Age 5018: When the uprising occurs, the Koriathain leave Morriel's valuable spell crystals unguarded. Toler steals the box containing Drake Skulls for Davien and also tosses the Great Waystone into a public well. Although Davien senses that the box merely contains river stones, he grants Toler his freedom and reaffirms his promise to ruin the Gray Kralovir.