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Tishealdi is the old tongue name given to Arithon's dun mare in Curse of the Mistwraith. The term means "splash", and refers to the odd splash of white on the mare's neck (the rest of the mare is metal-coloured).

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5637: When Tishealdi is first purchased by Asandir in West End, she is green and requires all of Arithon's attention. Asandir's ulterior motive for giving Arithon the dun was to keep him preoccupied. When Asandir tells the party of Alithiel's history, Arithon leaves for the horse pen containing Tishealdi.

Third Age 5638: Tishealdi remains Arithon's mare until his flight from Etarra, when her markings make her too conspicuous to retain. She is also used by Sethvir, who cannot track Arithon directly after his Name drifts because of the Mistwraith's curse. Sethvir is able to locate the mare, and thus, Arithon as well.