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Theirid is one of the fourteen Companions who survived the massacre at Tal Quorin. He wears black-fox tails tied into his clan braid.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Third Age 5670: Theirid is part of Jieret's war band in Daon Ramon Barrens. After checking on Arithon's condition, he is assigned by Jieret to wash the prince's clothes. he is on patrol when Arithon attempts to awaken Jieret's latent mage talents. When he finally returns, he is the sole Companion to plead on Arithon's behalf. Later, Theirid gathers acorns for Arithon's plan to divide the Alliance army. Jieret gives him one of the eight spelled acorns with instructions to delay the force from Jaelot. He is maimed during the maneuver, and screams to draw fire from enemy bowmen, in order to spare other clansmen. Later, the men from Jaelot are immolated by Lysaer's attack through his spelled acorn.