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Teive is the first mate aboard the Evenstar and the father of Feylind's two children. He has blue eyes and is described as"neat, sun-browned, and sculted with muscle".

His name is not revealed until Traitor's Knot.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5667: Teive accompanies Feylind in Morvain, seeking out a deckhand who has gone ashore without leave. The deckhand's injuries lead Feylind to cross paths with Elaira. Teive helps carry the deckhand back to the Evenstar.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Teive has had two children with Feylind, who live with Fiark's family in Innish. Teive and Feylind have never wed. Enroute to Alestron with Princess Ellaine, Teive convinces Feylind to put in at Innish to reprovision.

After leaving Alestron with Dakar and Fionn Areth, the Evenstar becomes a target for a Koriani plot. When Arithon appears onboard to defend the ship, Teive and the crew follow his instructions to defend against an imminent fiend storm. Teive is first introduced by name on the moment that Feylind chooses the life she leads with him over the fascination she has with Arithon. Teive brings an exhausted Arithon into the hold into Dakar's care. When confronted, Arithon offers to leave in a small boat but ultimately convinces Teive that staying in defense of the ship is everyone's best option. When Arithon is in danger of falling asleep from exhaustion, Teive helps to keep him awake by any means necessary. At the edge of failure, Arithon engages his gift of Shadow and flash freezes the iyats, then has them sealed into a pot.

Third Age 5671: After the attack, Teive and the crew repair the Evenstar with help from Arithon's captured iyats. They sail to Southshire for repairs and then to Innish where Teive visits his children while Feylind meets with Fiark.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: In autumn, news of the siege of Alestron reaches the Evenstar. Feylind and Teive decide to sail to Havish to petition King Eldir for a relief run to Alestron. King Eldir agrees, contingent on the grounds that the Evenstar take independent responsibility for the delivery. The Evenstar makes port in Innish enroute to Alestron. Unable to dissuade Feylind and Teive from a dangerous course, Tharrick reveals the signals needed to reach Alestron's inner harbour, Fiark agrees to sign the ship's manifest, and Jinesse releases Arithon from his oath of protection over the twins by sending the royal signet along with Feylind.

The Evenstar makes port in Adruin in early winter. After a cargo inspection, the crew stays in town for the night before making the trip up the estuary to Alestron. Nearing the Sea Gate, the Evenstar gives the impression that it is disabled while sending coded signals to Alestron's defenders. Lysaer attacks with Light to prevent the supply from reaching Alestron and Arithon reflexively defends with Shadow. Parrien's war galley is launched to defend the ship and tow it through the Sea Gate, but an Alliance boarding party has already killed most of the crew. Teive gives his life to shield Feylind from Lysaer's attack.