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Tawbas is the owner of Tawbas' Inn in the Sanpashir Desert. He speaks with a forthright southern drawl and shows a stoic tolerance to both clansmen and townsfolk who visit his inn.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Child of Prophecy.

Third Age 5033: When Meiglin s'Dieneval escapes from Durn, a crofter agrees to send her on to Tawbas' Inn for honest work. Meiglin works for Tawbas for the next three years.

Third Age 5036: Tawbas learns from a courier that the Mistwraith has broken the cordon at Spire and a new muster is being called at Firstmark, with the next heir to Shand called out of Alland to support it. Tawbas warns that Ganish has turned sides against clansmen. Days later, the company of men supporting the last High King of Shand stays at Tawbas' Inn enroute to the front line. Tawbas asks Meiglin to deliver food to the horse master's groom.

Three Koriani sorceresses visit Tawbas' Inn after Meiglin has become pregnant. They offer to buy her service from Tawbas, who allows Meiglin to weigh the offer herself.