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The Talliarthe is Arithon's pleasure sloop. It has brick-colored sails. Although the sloop is small, it is large enough to have multiple berths for a few passengers, as well as a dory.

A talliarthe in Paravian mythology is a sea sprite who kidnaps maidens wandering too close to the tidemark at twilight. The name is suggested by Jinesse's daughter, Feylind.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: The boat is constructed after Arithon's first landfall in Merior. The Talliarthe is Arithon's primary means of sea travel before the Khetienn has been constructed. After its launch, Arithon travels with Jinesse to Innish to visit Halliron's widow.

Third Age 5646: Arithon travels to Werpoint to close with Lysaer's army, and meets Asandir on the shores of Athir.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: With Lysaer's forces closing in on Merior, Arithon and Dakar sail the Talliarthe to Innish and then the Cascain Islands, where they travel among the shepherds of Vastmark. The sloop is then used to run dispatches to Arithon's outpost.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: Following his rescue from the grimward, Arithon sails to sanctuary in Havish aboard the Talliarthe.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5925: Arithon discovers the Talliarthe at the site of his shipbuilding outpost in the Cascain Islands where it has been concealed under spells for 251 years. The act of revealing the sloop restores his lost trove of initiate mastery. The sloop's log reveals that Arithon and Elaira sailed together on the sloop between Third Age 5671 and Third Age 5674 when he intentionally concealed it.

After provisioning at Ithish, he sails along the south coast to heal his body and mind. Violent storms blow him around the Scimlade Tip into the Cildein Ocean. Battered by storms, the Talliarthe runs aground on a reef near Los Lier and sinks.

After the Paravians discuss Arithon's situation, Avileffin and his shipbuilding kin restore the Talliarthe to seaworthiness. Tierendieriel Merevalia sees the prince safely away from Los Lier. Arithon returns to the continent in late spring. He lands at the Salt Fens where he leaves Alithiel and the Talliarthe.