Talera s'Ahelas

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Lady Talera s'Ahelas was the daughter of Mak s'Ahelas. She had pale hair.


Lady Talera married the King of Amroth and, as a wedding dowry, her unborn children were granted elemental mastery. She gave birth to Lysaer s'Ilessid with the King of Amroth, but left the marriage when she discovered that he only wished to use her dowry for his feud against the s'Ffalenn family. Hoping to correct the balance, Talera joined Avar s'Ffalenn in what ultimately became a loving relationship. Realizing that her presence only perpetuated the feud, Talera went into seclusion at Rauven Tower where she gave birth to Arithon s'Ffalenn and died shortly thereafter of a fever. Because Talera died at Rauven, Arithon was granted the magic training of the s'Ahelas family, guided by Mak s'Ahelas and other mages.

Because each royal family has a Fellowship-granted geas, Talera's relationships resulted in her offspring sharing the geas of two family lines in addition to their elemental mastery. Lysaer is gifted with justice and farsight, as well as control of light. Arithon is gifted with compassion and farsight, in addition to control of shadow.

Role in the Story

Third Age 5637: Arithon uses the memory of the gold-haired queen struggling with the King of Amroth on the night before she left to throw Lysaer off-balance aboard the Briane. Immediately afterwards, Arithon creates an image of shadows showing Talera with Avar s'Ffalenn. Talera's final appearance is as a sending from the Rauven mages, when Arithon is being condemned by the King of Amroth. She wears a robe of deep purple and grey like the mages, but does not speak or remove her hood until she hears the King of Amroth's voice.