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Lord Steiven s'Valerient of the clans of Deshir is the reigning caithdein of Rathain (also referred to as the Earl of Deshir) at the start of Curse of the Mistwraith. He is described as a lanky, dark-headed man with hazel eyes, large hands, and a square chin. Steiven has a scar from his cheekbone and jaw down to his collarbone -- given to him by the caravan master who carried the scalps of Steiven's brothers.

Steiven is married to Lady Dania, and has five children (from oldest to youngest):

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5638: Steiven is first introduced at the celebration, when Jieret and Idrien arrive with Halliron as their captive. When Jieret has a vision of Arithon pursued by lancers, Steiven increases the scouts along the road to Etarra. His scouts intercept Arithon in flight from Etarra, and he accepts Arithon's guest oath. In the council that follows, the clans decide to make their stand at Tal Quorin. Steiven travels ahead with the men and begins preparing the battlegrounds. Steiven is present to swear an oath of fealty to Arithon. Later, he is conferring with Caolle over tactics when Arithon returns from his tienelle scrying. He is soon diverted by Jieret, who had a Sight-driven nightmare caused by Arithon's scrying. The coincidence of the event leads Steiven to obey Arithon's wishes and withdraw many of the women and children from the fight. Steiven is initially angry that Arithon and Jieret swear a blood oath, but is mollified by Arithon.

During the Battle of Strakewood, Steiven hears from Arithon's messenger that the foretold disaster has not been averted. He orders Caolle to extract three hundred young men from the fray and then marches the remainder of his men to the grotto on a vengeance run. Steiven, himself, dies before they reach the grotto, caught by a crossbow bolt in the marshes. After Steiven's death, he is referred to in eulogy as the Warden of Ithamon.