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Shipsport (also referred to as Ship's Port in the story) is a walled coastal town on the Bay of Eltair in West Halla, Melhalla. It sits on the trade road between Tharidor and Pellain, next to an unnamed river that connects to Lake Daenfal.

A shrine to Ath Creator can be found far outside of the city -- a small grotto in the cliffside.


  • The harbor quarter is described as always lively and crowded, teeming with sailors fresh off of their tours. Taverns in this area are often prone to brawling.
  • Harbor Street: This is a street in the harbor quarter of the city.
  • Kittiwake Inn: A tavern on Harbor Street with a reputation as the wildest dive in the harbor quarter given its proximity to the wharf.


  • As the Alliance grows in influence, Ship's Port is the first town in Melhalla to burn an herbalist for the practice of sorcery.
  • The dungeon in Shipsport is subject to flooding during the spring tides.