Sevrand s'Brydion

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Sevrand s'Brydion is the heir designate to the dukedom of Alestron. He is the son of Duke Bransian s'Brydion's mother's sister. Sevrand is described as a broad-shouldered giant with tawny hair. His only adornment is a ruby pendant from a sweetheart woven into his clan blade.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Sevrand is present at the banquet welcoming Fionn Areth to Alestron.

Third Age 5671: Sevrand attends a musical performance with the s'Brydion brothers and their wives arranged by Dame Dawr. The musician turns out to be Arithon, who warns that he has forseen their deaths and urges them to dismantle Alestron. After their refusal, he formally severs the alliance originally started during the Vastmark campaign.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: While Jeynsa is in residence at Alestron, Sevrand spars with her at quarterstaves. As the siege approaches, Sevrand commands a garrison at the Sea Gate. When Dakar, Elaira, and Sidir arrive in Alestron, Sevrand joins Duke Bransian for the interrogation. Unable to get Arithon's whereabouts from Dakar, Duke Bransian consents to the mandate of Melhalla's caithdein to allow the trio to convince Jeynsa to leave freely.

During a wager amongst the troops, Jeynsa beats Sevrand in a contest of lances. After Bransian's hostile move against Jeynsa, Mearn and Talvish recall Sevrand from duty at the harbor mouth and confront Bransian and Liesse. Mearn forces Bransian to agree to Arithon's closed hearing instead of making the conspiracy public through an assize. At the hearing, Arithon reaffirms his aid to defang the siege to save lives, lays claim to Talvish's service, and demands service of the guard who murdered Sidir until Jeynsa is safe back in Halwythwood. When Arithon traverses Alestron, listening for a way to awaken the warded walls, Sevrand challenges his apparent inaction but does not receive a response.

After Arithon uses his Masterbard's arts to awaken Alithiel, Sevrand chooses to remain in Alestron with Bransian. He receives Vhandon's warning about Parrien's enspelled actions and the pair travel to Watch Keep to seek help from Arithon. The group at Watch Keep plots a rescue attempt, helped by Elaira's return and her knowledge of Selidie's sigil.

During Feylind's attempt to resupply Alestron, Sevrand's troops defend the Evenstar with arbalests from the narrows. His men also defend against the subsequent attack of sappers and galleys under cover of a winter storm. Sevrand's defenses are recalled to the upper citadel when the attackers breach the sea quarter. When the cisterns are cracked by sappers, Bransian and Sevrand hold a war council with the remaining captains, showing no sign of surrender.

When Asandir visits at the end of the siege, Sevrand sends advance warning to Duke Bransian. At an audience in Dame Dawr's quarters, Sevrand attempts to defend Bransian's wartime actions to Asandir. Asandir orders the flag of Alestron to be lowered from Watch Keep and replaced with the standard of the Fellowship, preventing either side in the siege from controlling it. s'Brydion reinstatement would require the intervention of a centaur guardian. With Parrien facing a felon's death for the attack on Arithon, Bransian finally agrees to relocate his family and army to Atwood to serve under Teiren's'Callient.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5674: On the day of Sevrand's wedding to Jeynsa s'Valerient, Arithon is betrayed and taken captive by the Koriathain.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: Laithen informs Tarens that Khadrien is a descendant of Jeynsa and Sevrand.

Third Age 5924: It is revealed that Arithon was taken captive by the Koriathain while traveling to Halwythwood to perform at Jeynsa's wedding.