Sethvir - Role in the Story (Traitor's Knot)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot.

Third Age 5670: By late spring, only 3 grimwards remain in Sethvir's care. He remains on the fourth floor of Althain Tower cared for by six of Ath's Adepts. After observing Sulfin Evend through the earth link, he summons Luhaine to Enithen Tuer's house. He worries that the necromancers might still break the Compact while the Fellowship is short-handed. When Kharadmon requests help with the incoming free wraiths, Sethvir has no extra help to spare. He chastises Davien for interfering with Sulfin Evend's trip to Althain Tower, and is surprised when Davien predicts Asandir's imminent return. After Asandir's alteration of the homing spell to deter the questing wraiths, Sethvir informs him that Lysaer is researching genealogies in the Gray Book of Olvec.

Third Age 5671: Sethvir dreams of various possibilities while immersed in the earth link. When Lysaer and Sulfin Evend return to Avenor to arrest the high council for conspiracy, Sethvir frees the trapped souls suborned by necromancy through Sulfin Evend and the Paravian focus ring underneath Avenor's grand plaza. He enchants the silver handcuffs used to arrest each conspirator.

In the spring, Sethvir dreams of necromancy and sends out a summons to members of the Fellowship to help purge necromancy from Etarra. Davien answers, but offers up Arithon as a capable weapon. Sethvir worries that any assistance from Arithon might upset the prince's plan for a bloodless end to conflict in the south. Later, Sethvir dreams of necromancy in Etarra but holds out hope that Asandir will return in time. Sethvir finally realizes that Asandir will not return in time and warns Kharadmon that he will be needed. Later, a distress call from Dakar concerning a Koriani trap triggers an immediate summons to Kharadmon.

As Arithon faces the Kralovir in Etarra, Sethvir coordinates the actions of Luhaine and Kharadmon in Jaelot and Darkling respectively. Worried that Arithon delayed his defensive response for too much, Sethvir is surprised when Arithon falls back on his experience touching Paravian presence in Kewar Tunnel. The result destroys every single initiate master in the cult across the continent and frees the cult's coerced servants. Sethvir records the location of each fallen body so Kharadmon can cleanly immolate them.