Sethvir - Role in the Story (Stormed Fortress)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Third Age 5671: When Asandir falters in the Scarpdale grimward, Sethvir's burden is increased from two to three unstable grimwards. Kharadmon reports that Raiett Raven's Drake Skulls cannot be found and Sethvir suggests that they may be in the immolated state hall in Avenor. Sethvir then shows Lysaer's actions in Tirans to Kharadmon and asks him to bring a warning to the s'Brydion brothers. Luhaine brings word that the Drake Skulls are, in fact, in the ruins of the state palace, free of protections and subject to rise.

Sethvir weeps but does not awaken on the hour that Athlien dancers heal Arithon of the curse. As the Drake Skulls become more aware, Sethvir stretches his dwindling lifeforce to contain them before they birth a new grimward. When he falters, he nearly falls through his barriers into the Scarpdale grimward, but is saved by Davien. A glimpse of Asandir inside the grimward makes him realize that Davien has struck a bargain with a live drake. Speaking with Sethvir for the first time since before the disapperance of Ciladis, Davien offers cryptic warning that should he help the Fellowship with the Drake Skulls and grimward, Arithon might be left unaided at a critical moment. Through the earth link, Sethvir records the moment when Alithiel's song stops at Alestron, Parrien's homecoming, and Arithon's healing song for Dakar. Ath's Adepts worry that he will finally die, but he regains strength when Seshkrozchiel's actions relieve him of the burden of the grimward in Scarpdale. He summons Kharadmon to act as his messenger in recovery.

When Elaira uses an Atheran crystal to heal Arithon at Alestron, Sethvir watches over them through the crystal's matrix. He asks Elaira to stand down when Sulfin Evend intercepts their escape, and then urges action when Alithiel's song renders almost everyone unconscious. On Sethvir's directions, Dakar convinces Parrien to navigate the sloop to Athir. When Elaira chooses a way to try bringing Arithon back to consciousness, she uses the Atheran crystal, which grants Sethvir oversight in the ceremony. He accedes to a claim by the Biedar Eldest, allowing the Biedar to influence Elaira's rites and the subsequent conception of Arithon's daughter. Sethvir promises that Arithon will never learn of the child. The Biedar Eldest forsees that she will one day spare Arithon's life and suggests that the child begin life under the guardianship of Sethvir, as Dari s'Ahelas did before her. Sethvir enacts the lane transfer for Asandir and Dakar after Alestron has been sealed with Paravian wards.