Sethvir - Role in the Story (Ships of Merior)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Third Age 5644: After the ambush of Lysaer's caravan in the Pass of Orlan, Maenalle s'Gannley sends a clan courier to Althain Tower to see Sethvir, as the only spirit in Athera that might know where to find Arithon. Sethvir agrees to send the message to Arithon, provided that he is allowed to choose the time of the sending. At roughly the same time, he hears Arithon's message from Jaelot through his earth-sense (Arithon used the four elements to get the Warden's attention). On the Vernal Equinox, Sethvir records Maenalle's message, as well as a complete inventory of pilfered goods which had been on her mind but too lengthy for the courier to remember. He then uses the basement power focus to teleport to Methisle Fortress.

Third Age 5645: During the Fellowship convocation, Sethvir, Asandir, and Traithe review their responsibilities to Athera. Verrain is also present. Later, they cast strands to study the methuri of the past, in hopes of discovering knowledge about the Mistwraith's curse. Next, the Fellowship revisits the exact moment of possesion, raising an image of Arithon's personal signature over Meth Isle Fortress, intefering with a Koriani probe. Although it prevents the Koriathain from discovering Arithon's whereabouts, it reveals his personal Name pattern and the fact that he had drunk from the Five Centuries Fountain. After the scrying, Sethvir requests that Asandir deliver a package to Arithon, and returns to Althain Tower. The next day, Luhaine argues with him about the effectiveness of the Fellowship's strategy to conceal Arithon. Sethvir reasons that Arithon will not be able to remain hidden any longer than midsummer solstice.

Following Halliron's death in Sanpashir after the midsummer solstice, Sethvir informs a soothsayer near Shipsport, who informs Arithon of the death. After discovering that there are problems with the wards over Rockfell Pit, he requests that Dakar take on the responsibility of visiting Alestron in Asandir's and Luhaine's place. His request is sent to Dakar while the latter is heaving sick over the lee rail of the Black Drake.

Third Age 5646: When Dakar and Arithon are in Innish, the former recites a spoken word prophecy concerning Kharadmon while in the company of a doxie. Sethvir overhears it via the earth link. When Lysaer bargains for Arithon's location at the Koriani sorceress' cottage, Sethvir misses the exchange because he is busy searching for Kharadmon in the stars. On the summer solstice, Asandir arrives at Althain Tower. He and Sethvir decide to craft a homing beacon to locate and return Kharadmon from his search amongst the stars. The crafting takes two weeks time, and the spell is launched during the execution of Lady Maenalle.