Sethvir - Role in the Story (Peril's Gate)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Third Age 5670: As he sustains seven damaged grimwards, Sethvir senses the remnants of Lysaer's use of dark magecraft. He warns Luhaine that Lysaer rides east. Sethvir falls further into trance to conceal the leaking energies of Eckracken's grimward from nearby iyats. When Asandir arrives to lift the grimward from Sethvir's care, Sethvir urgently orders Luhaine to Rathain. Later, he arranges for one of Ath's Adepts to offer counsel to Elaira at a critical moment. When Asandir returns from Eckracken's grimward, Sethvir conspires with him to pose a test to Prince Kevor that might spare him from Cerebeld's plotting. Sethvir then sends Asandir on to Alqwerik's grimward, as the most pressing of five grimwards in need of stabilization. He also notes that Davien has finally left Kewar Tunnel.

In late winter, Sethvir recalls Kharadmon from the star ward. Anticipating failure on the Spring Equinox, he requests the help of Ath's Adepts to record a last testament. Sethvir worries that the lane surge at Rockfell Pit will trigger an earthquake along one of Athera's fault lines, undoing Fellowship wards and unraveling three more grimwards. He provides directions to the remaining members of the Fellowship, outlining places where intervention is needed and showing the final actions around Rockfell Pit. Once his testament is recorded in a crystal, he states his intention to seal off Althain Tower in order to prevent entry by free wraiths and protect the Paravian artifacts housed within. Two of Ath's Adepts decide to stay with him.

Before sunrise on the Equinox, Kharadmon relays his intent to use Arithon through Dakar's claim on the prince's free will permissions. Arithon uses his mastery of music and ties to the land to bind the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Lanes in harmony just as the Fellowship fails at Rockfell Peak. Sethvir explains that Arithon's act was a sacrifice that will end the unnatural winter within Rathain, but will be misunderstood by townsfolk whose cities will face additional destruction during the sunset and midnight lane surges. Sethvir asks Kharadmon or Luhaine to assist Arithon, but neither sorcerer can leave Rockfell Pit until the wards are refounded.

When Asandir returns from Alqwerik's grimward, Sethvir catches him up on events and asks him to attend to Haspastion's grimward next. Later, Ath's Adepts inform him that Elaira has joined Arithon in Kewar Tunnel. After Arithon conquers the maze, Sethvir informs Luhaine of Arithon's decision to stay with Davien.