Sethvir - Role in the Story (Grand Conspiracy)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Grand Conspiracy.

Third Age 5654: Sethvir repairs the wards and exits the grimward. Five months have passed. Luhaine meets him in Korias and wishes to curb the Koriani plot involving Fionn Areth, but Sethvir refuses, citing the Law of the Major Balance. Sethvir decides to travel to Avenor before returning home to Althain Tower.

Sethvir assists Avenor's royal healer with Caithwood's fallen and is present when three practitioners of magic are given the opportunity to prove their powers. Before a necromancer's stick can be used by an herb witch, Sethvir intervenes and grants the herb witch safe passage to leave. Sethvir bargains with Cerebeld, who agrees to a grant of protection for Caithwood in exchange for the awakening of the troops. Having noticed Cerebeld's telepathic transmission to Lysaer, Sethvir worries about the potential for future instantaneous communication across the continent. With the help of a diversion from Luhaine, Sethvir uses the power focus in Avenor to return to Althain Tower.

After Dakar sends a distress cipher, Sethvir grants a scrying of the unfolding events set in motion by Mearn and Parrien. When asked by Dakar, Sethvir theorizes that the defanging of Lysaer's plans might grant Arithon 15 years to seek the Paravians unmolested. Awakened by the disruption of drake skull wards in Avenor, Sethvir prepares to cast strands at Althain Tower. He is persuaded by Luhaine to defer until summer solstice when the Fellowship can all safely meet at Earle. He travels to Earle Keep by lane transfer. Sethvir assists with preparations for the grand scrying and the Fellowship use the view into the next twelve years to organize their efforts in service of the Compact.

Third Age 5667: Sethvir delivers a warning to the s'Brydion brothers (through Traithe) about the dangerous nature of Lysaer's long-term plans. He asks them to send children to Havish for fostering, but they refuse.

Third Age 5669: Luhaine visits Sethvir at Althain Tower to bemoan Morriel's machinations. Sethvir suggests that Asandir might be able to enact a rescue of Fionn Areth if a blizzard could be persuaded to delay Fionn Areth's caravan. He keeps Asandir updated with news during the attempted rescue, which fails because of Koriani interference. When Morriel launches an attack on Athera, smashing Fellowship wards, Sethvir's first action is to stabilize the 18 grimwards drawing upon his own life force. The attack blinds his earth sense. Visited by Asandir, Sethvir informs him that Rockfell Peak has been affected by the attack, and asks him to help restore Eckracken's grimward. Later, he senses the effect that the Solstice lane tide will have on the lanes affected by Morriel's attack.