Sethvir - Role in the Story (Fugitive Prince)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Third Age 5648: In the year leading up to Autumn Equinox, Sethvir is ensconced in Althain Tower with Asandir and Traithe, assisting with the construction of the star wards. He weeps when Arithon's crew arrives on Kathtairr, aware that Arithon's hope of locating the Paravians there is a falsehood. He summons Kharadmon and Luhaine back to Althain Tower with the rest of the Fellowship and is present when Lysaer is cast out of the Compact. After Lysaer is returned to Avenor, Sethvir discusses the situation with one of Ath's Adepts, but does not reveal the threat of free wraiths from Marak. Sethvir shares a review of Lysaer's aura with Traithe, revealing that Lysaer's flaws are not wholly curse-driven.

While in rapport with Traithe, Sethvir realizes that Traithe's lost self might be contained in Rockfell Pit with the captured wraiths. He discusses his findings with Asandir, Kharadmon, and Luhaine when Morriel Prime arrives at Althain Tower. Asandir, Sethvir, Luhaine, and Kharadmon meet with Morriel Prime about her attempt to enable Arithon's assassination, the lurking threat of wraiths on Marak, and the Great Waystone's hobbled powers. The meeting ends after Sethvir enables her servant, Iyan, to regain his hearing.

Third Age 5653: At some point before winter, Sethvir has cast auguries and determined that Arithon will be safe under Dakar's protection until Elaira is recalled into active Koriani service. After Arithon has escaped from Riverton, Sethvir launches into many chains of auguries. He informs Kharadmon that Arithon will succumb to the incompatibility between his gift of foresight and compassion. He asks Kharadmon to seek out Elaira or Jieret, as the two most able to reforge Arithon's trust in himself.

In advance of King Eldir's wedding, Sethvir is in Telmandir. Eldir formally requests Fellowship assistance with Tysan's slave ships and Sethvir seals the promise with a cipher. In possible futures, Sethvir sees that Dakar will request help in three days, so he provides what assistance he can within the Law of the Major Balance. He also forecasts the effects of King Eldir's decisions on the future stability of Havish. After Arithon crosses the grimward, Sethvir tracks the path of Jieret's spirit and Raven, in hopes of rescuing the lost prince from between the veil of mysteries. When Asandir finally leaves the grimward, Sethvir uses the focus circle at Althain Tower to restore him. He sends a signal to Luhaine to take care of Asandir, realizing that Morriel will also take note of the signal. He then departs to rebalance the damaged seal over the grimward. Because the focus at Althain Tower is in use, he travels overland to Isaer, using illusion to hide himself from bystanders. During a lane transfer within the Mainmere ruins, Lirenda's plot to capture Arithon is approved. As a result, Sethvir is unaware of the particulars.