Sethvir - Role in the Story (Destiny's Conflict)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: Sethvir meets Asandir at Althain Tower to warn him about Selidie Prime's latest plot in the Storlain Mountains. He summons Kharadmon after Asandir's departure and asks him to escort Traithe out of Rathain. After observing a conversation between Arithon and Vivet in the Storlain Mountains, Kharadmon notes that Vivet is pregnant.

Sethvir observes the nuptial celebration following Arithon's acceptance of child-rights for Vivet's unborn child. Asandir returns to Althain Tower when Lysaer is felled by a Koriani-spelled crossbow bolt and finds Sethvir singing on the fifth floor. Sethvir reveals that Davien had altered Asandir's original mark of protection on Daliana. While transforming her into Dace Marley, Davien added quadrangle runes of chaos to protect both servant and master. These runes prevent Selidie from further magecraft against Lysaer while Dace remains in his service.

Relocated to the library, Sethvir shows Asandir that he has sent Kharadmon to Dace's aid. Asandir wonders whether Selidie's original trapped spirit might rebel against Morriel's possession.

As Elaira crosses Rathain to reach Althain Tower, she is exposed to a True Sect diviner and breaks her ankle in flight. She touches Arithon's royal signet with plans to keep it out of the True Sect's reach and is able to claim assistance from Sethvir, who transfers her directly to Althain Tower. She learns that Sethvir has acted upon the request of the Biedar Eldest through word from the Reiyaj Seeress, since the Fellowship cannot intervene in the fate of Arithon or his royal signet. Elaira reveals that she could easily dispel Vivet's glamour from afar but she has deduced that a male child of Arithon and Vivet would free Arithon from the terms of the Fellowship's oath of nonintervention.

Sethvir explains to Elaira the off-world origins of the flint knife and the involvement of Jessian of the Koriathain. He states that Elaira's similarity in character to Jessian may have caused the Biedar Eldest to select her as the champion to redeem the wrongs inflicted by the Koriathain. Sethvir grants permission to study relevant sections of history in Althain Tower's library during her recovery, with a cryptic hint to seek out books on necromancy elsewhere. When Elaira's desire to learn more is answered by the presence of Shehane Althain, Sethvir helps her recover.

Later, Sethvir assures Kharadmon that he did not reveal the Fellowship's role behind Jessian's legacy. When Elaira asks Sethvir about the danger presented by the Ettinmere shamans, she receives the obtuse knowledge that Kharadmon once enspelled the library to present books without the need to search for them. A book cataloging the hostels of Ath's Adepts circa Third Age 1450 drops at her feet as he speaks.

Sethvir stands by Elaira in recovery after she is gifted with knowledge from Shehane Althain. As they discuss the dangers posed by the shamans, Elaira realizes that defeating them might rupture the major fault-lines in the Storlain Mountains, an act that would require the Fellowship to destroy Arithon first in order to protect Athera for the Paravians. Sethvir states that Athera's mysteries have faced cataclysm three other times, always triggered by drakes. Only one of these cataclysms occurred under the Fellowship's guardianship, and none of them occurred after the Compact was formed. Sethvir tells Elaira that storms will close the northern harbors, preventing her from leaving for Kewar Tunnel before the spring.

Third Age 5924: While dying, Cosach s'Valerient questions the value of upholding the mysteries. This prompts Arithon to reveal a conversation he once had with Sethvir, who stated that the limitations imposed by the Compact might one day lead humankind to a heightened experience, where they could cohabitate with the Paravians and tap the flux directly.

In Backwater, Asandir reveals to Tarens that Sethvir has foreseen Tarens' death should he try to support Arithon.

From Althain Tower, Sethvir observes as Arithon is captured by the Koriathain in Daenfal and Elaira slips away from the True Sect towards Kewar Tunnel. After Asandir joins his vigil, he shares that Arithon is reliving the experience of his original capture two centuries ago, when the prince stored his memories of Elaira and necromancy beyond reach in Rathain's royal signet. In the present, Sethvir explains that Selidie Prime seeks the keys to channel the flux from Arithon's defense of Caithwood.

Sethvir monitors Arithon until he escapes and reaches safety in Daon Ramon Barrens. He tells Asandir that all of the wraiths inside the Great Waystone crossed the veil when it shattered. Kharadmon travels to Althain Tower to discuss The Hatchet's campaign with Asandir and Sethvir.

Sethvir relays Dakar's plan to draw lightning down on Caith-al-Caen to Asandir. He directs Traithe to Lanshire to protect Seshkrozchiel's hibernation location from the latitudinal bleed off. Asandir changes plans to meet Kharadmon at Rockfell Pit to protect the wards around Desh-thiere.

Third Age 5925: At Los Lier, virulent storms enable Arithon to cross an impenetrable ward across time and space, arriving at the Paravians' secluded sanctuary. Sethvir relays the prince's encounter with a Riathan Paravian to Asandir and explains that Alithiel's wards and the prince's blood oath to survive saved him from dissolution. The location disappears from view of the earth link once Alithiel's wards have quieted, confirming Sethvir's suspicion that Tehaval Warden, himself, had woven selective blind spots into the earth link.

In the spring, Sethvir notes that the exposure of the Paravian sanctuary went unnoticed by most in the world. He observes as Lirenda summons all 180 Senior enchantresses to Whitehold to reinforce her claim of being Prime Matriarch. Sethvir is dealing with a sinkhole through time opened by drakes when the first Seniors arrive from Highscarp. He worries that Lirenda's order to catalog the library at the Highscarp sisterhouse will unearth dangerous history.

Before Elaira departs from Kewar Tunnel, Sethvir confirms that Arithon has been captured by the Ettin shamans. Dakar's immutable prophecy forces Sethvir to once again defer a trip to the Radmoore Downs grimward in search of information from Haspastion's shade. He summons Asandir to travel to Whitehold and Kharadmon to monitor Lirenda Prime's actions.

Sethvir watches from Althain Tower when an immobilized Arithon resolves to save Valien from the executioner in Daenfal. He keeps Asandir informed of events in Daenfal during the audience at Whitehold. Arithon appeals to Sethvir while being transported to the scaffold, and names Valien as the heir to the crown of Rathain (unaware that the Fellowship has sworn an oath of nonintervention). Sethvir confirms the request with a star stamp. He cries as The Hatchet executes Valien and Arithon.

At the end of the year, Sethvir welcomes Ciladis to Althain Tower.