Sethvir - Role in the Story (Curse of the Mistwraith)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5637: While working at Althain Tower, Sethvir overhears the conversation between Mak s'Ahelas and his clairvoyant on Dascen Elur and realizes that the West Gate Prophecy has been set in motion. He is in contact with Asandir when the half-brothers initially attack the Mistwraith in Korias and later coordinates all of the Sorcerers to respond to the meth-snake migration. He unkeys the defense of Althain Tower when Traithe visits, and then helps Asandir channel the force of the Third Lane to eradicate the meth-snakes. Later, he is present for the casting of strands, and helps Asandir create wards on the crown jewels of Rathain. When Lysaer and Dakar transport an unconscious Arithon to the power focus in a blanket, he teaches them a lesson by meandering through the darkness to the cellar.

Three weeks later, Sethvir informs Asandir of Arithon's prank when the Koriathain try to spy on him. When Lysaer feels uneasy about the haunting of Ithamon he tells Asandir, who immediately tells Sethvir. Neither Sorcerer can find anything amiss.

Third Age 5638: When the half-brothers are attacked by the Mistwraith, Sethvir recalls Kharadmon to Althain Tower to study the attack. Based on the Mistwraith's disappearance before Asandir, Sethvir theorizes that Traithe was assaulted by the Mistwraith in the defence of the South Gate. After the Mistwraith is imprisoned in the stone flask at Kieling Tower, Sethvir takes a rare trip away from Althain Tower, traveling to Etarra to prepare for Arithon's coronation.

Sethvir is the one in charge of making sure that Morfett is in attendance during the right of succession in Etarra. Afterwards, he reviews Etarran records with Asandir and Arithon. Sethvir sews and blesses the ceremonial garb that Arithon is to wear for his coronation. On the day of the ceremony, he is found in the south ward armory, preventing Gnudsog's men from accessing the weapon stores. After Lysaer's attack, Sethvir teleports Asandir and Lysaer into the armory where he analyzes the prince's possession by a wraith. He then works with Asandir to exorcise the wraith.

After Arithon steals a post horse, leaving behind one of his crown jewels, Sethvir retrieves the emerald from the caravan master. An augury shows Sethvir that the life of Elaira is intertwined with Arithon's, and he sends Traithe to Narms to prevent Elaira from doing anything rash. "For good or ill, you're the one spirit alive in this world who will come to know Arithon best. Should your Master of Shadow fail you, or you fail him, the outcome will call down disaster."[1] When Sethvir finally returns to Althain Tower, he checks the Mistwraith's wards at Rockfell Pit for soundness. He notes that Arithon has the initiate mastery to break them. After the Battle of Strakewood, Sethvir tracks the half-brothers, hoping that the Black Rose Prophecy might still hold valid.


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