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Sethant is one of the best trackers in a clan encampment around River Ippash. He is described as having a permanent squint and a squat build, with a bulldog jaw and short neck. He has a younger brother.

Sethant bears the triple tattoo of a clansman who has been exposed to all three Paravian races.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Gallant.

Third Age 4995: When Verrain goes missing from a clan encampment, the clan elders assign Sethant to track him down before he crosses paths with Riathan Paravians. Lisianne insists on accompanying Sethant. The tracker picks up Verrain's trail heading directly north without any signs of his normal meandering. After securing post horses, Sethant and Lisianne discover Verrain blocking traffic on the trade road to Ganish. Verrain warns a caravan that methspawn are migrating south from Mirthlvain Swamp.

Sethant uses his authority as a clan scout to turn the caravan back east towards Atchaz. He orders Lisianne to stay with the caravan but chooses to keep Verrain by his side in case his rogue Sight can help protect Ganish. Sethant is forced to restrain Verrain to prevent him from pursuing Lisianne and then knocks him unconscious when Verrain's distress might attract methspawn. Inside the beacon tower nearest to Ganish, Sethant discovers that the sentry has been felled by cierl-ankeshed venom from a quetzal attack and quickly lights the beacon fire to warn Ganish. He sends a messenger pigeon and ends the suffering of the paralyzed sentry. To reach Ganish in person in time, Sethant seals Verrain inside of the beacon tower with a promise to return if possible.

Sethant arrives at Ganish in time to mobilize defenses. The town is attacked by methspawn throughout the night until barrier wards raised by centaurs and a Fellowship Sorcerer repel them before dawn. Once the danger has passed, Sethant procures a horse and returns to the beacon tower where he finds dead quetzals that were unable to breach the entryway and Verrain safe inside. In spite of the timely intervention at Ganish, Verrain insists that it is too late. They soon come upon the site where the caravan was attacked by methspawn and find Lisianne's body in a venom-induced coma. Sethant gives her a merciful death while Verrain weeps, and they discover that she was able to protect a small child. Verrain slips back into catatonia while Sethant tends to the fallen and returns the toddler to the caravan's outriders.

Sethant builds Lisianne's funeral pyre and stands vigil, and then spends the next month transporting Verrain to Ath's Adepts at Forthmark. An initiate tells him that Verrain's spirit is entwined with Lisianne's and he cannot be healed. She offers to restore Verrain's free will through the Sacred Grove. Sethant offers to stand vigil until his death, but the initiate rejects his service.

Later, Kharadmon observes Sethant traveling to Innish to bring word of Lisianne to Adlaize s'Ahelas.