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Scathac is a planet that exists in a world far separate from Athera and long before the start of the main story.

Scathac is an inhospitable planet where temperatures fluctuate between hot and cold extremes from day to night. The landscape consists of thorn bushes, volcanic ridges, and solidified lava flows. Game animals are undersized.

Scathac is heavily exploited by WorldFleet mining interests, leaving behind a brutalized wasteland and a small supply depot, Base Port, that supports the miners. The mining lends this planet military importance as the mined ore is used in the shielding on starfaring ships, and the planet is protected by costly defense grids.

The Biedar tribe also lives on this planet in seclusion. They are presumed to be primitive savages.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

The Sundering Star

Jessian, as Cultural Branch Officer Susan Amanda MacTavish, is sent on a mission to the planet, with two factions, WorldFleet and the Koriathain, interested in the Biedar tribe. When the weapon of Calum Quaide Kincaid attacks the planet, it is saved (along with a handful of survivors) by Biedar magic.

Black Bargain

Third Age 5011: When the Biedar Eldest requests Davien's assistance with the Gray Kralovir, he receives a silver ring with three embossed crescents around a citrine. This ring is revealed to be an ancient heirloom from Scathac.