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Savrid is the name of a merchant brig commissioned to transport Lysaer's troops from Werpoint to Merior.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Third Age 5646: The Savrid becomes the only seaworthy ship in the fleet after Arithon uses it as a staging point to trigger the curse in Lysaer. In the aftermath, it is sailed to Crescent Isle and derigged. The captain of the Savrid, described as a man with fair hair and blue eyes and a frame "on the spare side of corpulent", is then sent to deliver a message to Lysaer.

Having seen too much, the captain declines to continue supporting Lysaer, but he is assassinated by Diegan's orders and the ship is crewed with more loyal sailors. Lysaer and his closest advisors sail the Savrid to the inner harbor of Alestron, where they rework their plans for the Merior assault with Duke Bransian and his brothers.