Royal Freedom

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The Royal Freedom is an aged fishing smack. It has a fish hold rigged up as private quarters.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Warhost of Vastmark.

Third Age 5646: Four men leave Arithon's employment in the Cascain Islands. Through Ivel's trickery, the kidnapped Lady Talith is convinced that she can escape with the men sailing the Royal Freedom. The men sail it around the cape of West Shand towards Havish and bring Talith to Los Mar. After Arithon recollects Lady Talith in Los Mar, she notices that the Royal Freedom has left sometime in the night.

Men loyal to Arithon leave the boat adrift in the path of Lysaer's ransom vessel. After towing it for three days, it is sold to island villagers south of Torwent, and ultimately sold back to Arithon's men. This is later revealed to be the method which Arithon employed to steal the ransom without leaving behind any evidence. The Royal Freedom is lost to a lamp accident before the ransom theft is revealed.