River Arwent

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The River Arwent flows out of Lake Daenfal and crosses Araethura, Rathain. It is fed by many swift-flowing streams with deep beds that are unsafe to cross except at known fords.

The point where the river connects to Lake Daenfal is known as "the Rim", characterized by steep escarpments and stepped bluffs. The city of Daenfal overlooks this gorge on Arwent Plateau, and a convict-pulled ferry allows travelers to cross the gorge and enter the city. Near Halwythwood, the river drops into Arwent Gorge. The area near the free wilds of Halwythwood are increasingly encroached by townsfolk merchants seeking to move their goods to Daenfal by barge.

River Arwent empties into the Instrell Bay after passing through the Grasslands and Halwythwood.


  • The ferry at the Rim does not allow infested livestock to board.