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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Rauven Tower is an area of Dascen Elur settled by descendents of Dari s'Ahelas, because of its magic-friendly resonance. It is here that Arithon was raised and trained to power. The High Mage of Rauven at this time was Mak s'Ahelas, father of Talera s'Ahelas, and grandfather of Arithon. The High Mage employs a clairvoyant to track the events on Dascen Elur, and it is this farseer who informs Mak about Arithon's fate aboard the Briane and his sentence from the King of Amroth.

Over the course of five hundred years, the mages' system of beliefs and responsibilities has evolved. In the beginning, they subscribed to the Law of the Major Balance as taught to them by the Fellowship.

  • "The affinity for power Sethvir once nurtured in that line has evolved unselectively on Dascen Elur, to the point where direct elemental mastery was granted to unborn children, all for a bride's dowry" - Asandir to Dakar[1]
  • "[Dari's] descendents on Dascen Elur continued her tradition, but forgot certain of the guidelines. In the course of five centuries of isolation, the mages there achieved what the Seven could not." - Asandir to Elaira, also noting, "What is possible does not always coincide with what is wise."[2]

Mention is occasionally made of Rauven's archives -- more records on the origins of humanity on this world were retained here than in Amroth or Karthan, but these records are not freely accessible or common knowledge.[3]


The High Mage keeps his study in at the top of the tower. The space has bare slate floors, in contrast to the lower floors covered in beautiful dyed carpets.


Mastery at Rauven requires twelve initiations.[4] As part of their apprenticeships, children are taught to engage their talents without causing harm, and to seek their own truths through the discipline of inner awareness. Apprenticeship also includes sword training, archery, and trials to develop mage-sight.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

When Arithon becomes invisible and throws rocks at Jorey, the High Mage states that he has broken the primary stricture of restraint and caused harm to another. The punishment for this transgression is confinement in a small spell-mirrored room that reflects one's anger and fears until they can be tempered and faced. Master Krael mentions that this punishment left a 14-year-old girl in hysterical tears.


  • The mages of Rauven wear robes of deep purple and grey.
  • Arithon is first called to become a s'Ffalenn heir five years before the attack on the Saeriat. He finally left Rauven two years after Avar s'Ffalenn's request.
  • While at Ithamon, Arithon berates himself for shoddy reasoning, because "the Rauven mages had stressed that assumptions were the weakness of the learned"[5].


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