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Quetzals are a type of methspawn, winged serpents outcrossed from serpents and bats. They have three pairs of webbed wings like bats, serrated dorsal spines, and razor-spiked tails. Beyond these surface similarities, quetzals might display different mutations, such as rats' heads, fangs, or vestigal claws.

Quetzals travel in packs and are nocturnal predators.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Gallant.

Third Age 4995: When investigating a migration of methspawn outside of Ganish, Sethant discovers that the beacon tower sentry has been attacked by quetzals with cierl-ankeshed venom. The swarm threatens Ganish and requires barrier wards wrought by centaurs and a Fellowship Sorcerer to turn. When Sethant returns to the beacon tower, he finds many dead quetzals that were unable to breach the entryway.