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Prescience, sometimes referred to as Sight, is the ability to know of an event before it takes place. Multiple parties in the story have the ability or gift to be able to track future events with varying levels of accuracy.

  • Fellowship: Through the earth link, Sethvir can see the multiplicity of possible future events, subject to even minute changes resulting from the free will of participants. In times of direst need, the Fellowship cast strands to examine possible future paths. At one point in the story, they rely upon the Elemental Forces to see the future.
  • Dakar: Dakar's gift of prescience is one of the world's great mysteries. He receives visions of malleable future events, subject to change, as well as absolute prophecies that he cannot remember when he comes out of a trance.
  • Farsight: The Fellowship-imposed geas on the s'Ahelas family is farsight, which allows members of this family to understand the long-term consequences of every action they take. The gift was augmented far in the past when the s'Dieneval family line (possessing a latent talent for prophecy) crossed with the s'Ahelas family line, resulting in the birth of Dari s'Ahelas.
  • Clan Sight: Many clansmen have a latent talent for sight stemming from their ability to interface with the Paravians. Different clan families will have different abilities -- the s'Valerient family line can see the future, while the s'Gannley family line can discern truth from seeing the past.

The barriers of time and space can also be broken down with tienelle. Those with talent (such as Arithon or a Koriani sorceress) can use their mage talent while under the influence of tienelle to scry the future.

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