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Pesquil is the Mayor of the Northern League of Headhunters in Etarra at the beginning of the stories. He is a master of clan tactics, and is described as having grizzled gray hair, silt-colored eyes, a scar-pocked face (from a childhood infection of the pox), thin lips, and an out-thrust jaw.

His most guarded pride is the fact that he earned his station through achievement and competence rather than accident of pedigree, and he often shows contempt for the high-born.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5638: Pesquil is first introduced after the failed coronation in Etarra. He is present during the meeting between Lysaer and the Governors' Council, and states that the only obstacle between the headhunters and the eradication of Deshir's clans is the allocation of funds. During Arithon's scrying of the battle of Strakewood, it is revealed that he carries a talisman passed down since the rebellion to ward against mischange by magic. When Etarra marches upon Strakewood, it is Pesquil who comes up with the plan to systematically poison and starve out each clan campsite. When clan children are discovered in Strakewood, practicing javelin tosses, Lysaer orders forty light riders to pursue them even though Pesquil advises against it. This action begins the massacre of the Battle of Strakewood.

After the clans of Deshir flood the Tal Quorin, Lysaer orders his men to see Diegan to safety and then breaks his collarbone in the ensuing flood. He is picked up by Pesquil's men downstream, and discover a group of clan children cutting throats soon after. After killing the clan children, Pesquil's men and Lysaer flush out Teynie who inadvertently leads the headhunters back to the hideout where the women and children are hiding. When Lysaer realizes that Pesquil will allow his men to rape the women to draw out the clan men, he destroys the women with his power of Light, knowing that the clansmen, and Arithon, will come running.

After Arithon and Lysaer see each other on the battlefield, Lysaer collapses from blood loss and stress. Pesquil and a dedicated lieutenant drag him from the fray. Following the battle, Pesquil writes to headhunters' leagues across Rathain to replace his own nearly-decimated regiment. He also oversees the transportation of the wounded. Pesquil stays on through the summer with Lysaer, their plan to poison the waters and scare off the game so that the clans of Deshir cannot stay in Strakewood.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: Pesquil investigates a strange surge in barbarian raids along the trade route from Jaelot. Although caravans are discovered murdered, their goods are left behind, and Pesquil believes that the raids are happening for a reason. Two weeks later, Pesquil returns to Etarra and learns of Arithon's antics from North Ward caravan guards. With the activing captain, Gharmag, sick with a cough, he visits the City Seneschal with the news, and then decides to travel to Avenor himself with a handpicked contingent of headhunters. In Narms, he opts for the sea route to Miralt, rather than risk the passes in the Thaldein Mountains. Pesquil arrives at Erdane in the winter, and gains an unwanted companion to Avenor, Lady Talith.

Third Age 5646: They embark on a winter journey for Avenor, arriving before the first thaws. For being the first to reach Lysaer with news of Arithon, he receives a reward of one thousand royals, but asks Lysaer to use it to pay the soldiers instead. Pesquil is summoned by Lysaer's men when Lysaer goes missing in the woods. He finds Lysaer in the woods following the Koriani scrying of Arithon's location. With Arithon's location in hand, Lysaer and Pesquil lead the troops east towards Rathain, through Isaer, eventually reaching Etarra.

Pesquil's primary concern on the trip from Etarra to Werpoint is the safety of the army, partly composed of unskilled city garrisons led by high born officers. His best efforts to instill discipline in the troops and their officers fail, and his deepest dread is reserved for Valleygap, where the terrain is a natural fit for clan traps. After weeks of keeping the army safe through Valleygap, Pesquil is killed by a clan vengeance arrow fired by Jieret. Blinded by his worries about keeping his men safe, he never realizes that he is the ultimate target. The arrow strikes him in the small of the back, and bleeds internally despite the efforts of Lysaer's surgeons. Pesquil uses his last breaths to give Lysaer instructions on how to reach Werpoint unscathed. Skannt takes his place as Captain.