PanTac Trade

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PanTac Trade is a trade organization in a world far separate from Athera and long before the start of the main story. It is the conglomerate of two partnered governments. At the time of The Sundering Star, PanTac has been in a decades-long, stalemated war with two rival governments. The balance of this war is threatened by the wildcard factor of Calum Quaide Kincaid's great weapon.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Sundering Star.

PanTac has a monopoly on light-speed class hulls using materials mined on Scathac. When PanTac releases a mandate of forced eviction for the Biedar tribe on the planet, WorldFleet sends Jessian to negotiate with the tribe and relocate them to safety.

After Calum Quaide Kincaid's great weapon is fired at Scathac, the WorldFleet base there is destroyed. However, the planet as a whole and a handful of miners abandoned by PanTac are protected by Biedar magic.