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The oath of fealty takes place between a crown prince and his subjects. In past history, the oath took place on the prince's twentieth birthday at the crown seat of the High Kingdom.

Arithon and Steiven s'Valerient

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5638: When Arithon encounters the clans of Deshir, he swears an oath of fealty before Lord Steiven in Strakewood Forest. Steiven begins with:

I, Teir's'Valerient, appointed Regent of the Realm and Warden of Ithamon, through my father, and his fathers, back to the last crowned sovereign, bring before you, Arithon, son of Avar, sanctioned heir and direct descendent of Torbrand s'Ffalenn, founder of the line appointed by the Fellowship of Seven to rule the principalities of Rathain. let any man who questions the validity of this prince's claim now stand forth.[1]

After no one contests the claim,

Arithon, Teir's'Ffalenn, turn your back. A prince who would accept the oath of fealty must trust those he would lead and defend. If any among this gathering have earned your ill will, state their names for all to hear, that they may be excluded.[1]

Arithon replies,

I bear no man grudge. I appoint you my guardian against treachery.[1]

Steiven then positions himself at Arithon's back with Alithiel and says,

Let those who would be feal companions of Arithon, son of Avar, step forward and present a weapon in pledge of service and defense.[1]

One by one, his men step under Alithiel's blade and surrender a weapon as a token of trust. Arithon then speaks,

I pledge myself, body, mind, and heart to serve Rathain, to guard, to hold unified, and to deliver justice, according to Ath's Law. If the land knows peace, I preserve her; war, I defend. Through hardship, famine, or plague, I suffer no less than my sworn compansions. In war, peace, and strife, I bind myself to the charter of the land, as given by the Fellowship of Seven. Strike me dead should I fail to uphold for all people the rights stated therein. Dharkaron witness.[2]

The oath closes as Steiven says,

Arise, Arithon, Teir's'Ffalenn, and Crown Prince this moment of Rathain. Ath grant you long life and sound heirs.[2]

Arithon then returns his subjects' weapons with his royal blessing.

Arithon and Jieret s'Valerient

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Third Age 5646: When Arithon gives this oath to Jieret in Innish, the wording is slightly different. He begins with the traditional oath of sovereign prince to liegeman, and ends with the following lines.

For the gift of feal duty, Earl Jieret s'Valerient, my charge of protection; for your loyalty, my spirit shall answer, unto my last drop of blood, and until my final liiving breath. Dharkaron witness. Take back this blade as token of my trust, and with your true steel, my royal blessing.[3]

Arithon and the Trapper

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Third Age 5670: Arithon recites the same oath to a half-breed clansman trapper who offers him shelter in the Skyshiel Mountains.

Arithon and Barach s'Valerient

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot.

Third Age 5671: On Arithon's first visit to the clans in Halwythwood, Barach s'Valerient gives this oath to the prince.


  • It is unclear how Arithon knows the steps of the ceremony, since he originated on Dascen Elur.


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