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The Koriani vows of obedience are spoken by new initiates over the Great Waystone (or the Skyron Focus in its absence). Through this vow, the Prime Enchantress can use the cipher of domination to control oathbreaking initiates.

I (name), declare myself free to bind myself to the Koriani Order. From this breath, this moment, this word, until death, I exist to serve, this I vow. My hands, my mind, and my flesh[1], are hereby given to enact the will of the Prime Matriarch, whose whole cause is the greater good of humanity, this I vow. All states of fleshly desire to renounce, this I vow. All ties of heart, of family, of husband and lover to put aside, this I vow. And should I weaken, or falter, and come to forswear my commitment, all that I am shall be forfeit, body and mind. This I vow, no witness beyond the Prime Circle, no arbiter beyond the crystal matrix into which I surrender my Name and my imprint as surety through all my living days.[2]

This vow was altered because of the Compact. Before the Koriathain settled on Athera, the words would have been different.


  • As part of the vow, the matrix of the controlling crystal retains an imprint of an initiate's memories and experiences. These can be recalled and reused by another initiate.
  • When an initiate breaks her vow, she serves out her days as a mindless slave, stripped of identity and branded with a forehead tattoo.


  1. In Traitor's Knot, the vow cites "body" and not "flesh".
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