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Miralt is a port city in northern Camris, Tysan, on the Gulf of Stormwell. Settled since early in the Third Age, Miralt has a crescent-shaped harbor that is ice-bound in the winter.

The city is referred to as both Miralt and Miralt Head in the story. A trade road connects it to Mincress across the Plain of Karmak, and to Erdane in the south. Furs and seal oil are prime commodities that leave this port.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5652: Lysaer's state retinue passes through Miralt enroute to Etarra to gain support for the Alliance of Light. Lysaer visits Ath's shrine on High Street to give thanks for safe deliverance after an attack by a clan archer in Karmak. His gift of Light and divine mission stir up the populace, transforming the trade port into a city sworn to the Light, full of shrines and sanctuaries.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: Lysaer and Daliana slip away from the True Sect in East Bransing and, after an extended trip on a fishing lugger, take up residence in Miralt. It is revealed that Lysaer and Sulfin Evend fled through Miralt during the Great Schism in Third Age 5683. Lysaer begins frequenting practice halls in anonymity, exhibiting raw, unpolished swordsmanship to infiltrate the locals. By mid-summer, he secretly reveals his identity to a select few, with plans to confront the High Temple of the Light in Erdane. Under threat of immolation, the temple provides Lysaer with an army to march south to Erdane.