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Methisle, occasionally called Meth Isle, is an island in the center of Methlas Lake. A Paravian Second Age fortress, Methisle Fortress, is built here (and is sometimes referred to as Methisle Keep, Meth Isle Keep, or Meth Isle Fortress). The fortress was originally raised to house detailed genealogies of methspawn. It contains a Fifth Lane power focus, a library, and dungeons where the methuri were temporarily imprisoned (until they could be moved to Rockfell during the Second Age).

Windows battened under diamond-meshed grilles opened onto Meth Isle fortress's vista of slate roofs and terracotta chimneys, tufted under yellow moss and fungus. Tiled gutters with gargoyle spouts loured over a lakeshore scummed with lily pads . . .[1]

Verrain, spellbinder of the Fellowship of Seven, lives in the keep, and keeps watch on the denizens of Mirthlvain Swamp, to the north. Multiple cats make the fortress their home as well.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

The Gallant

Third Age 4995: Because of the recent invasion of the Mistwraith, the centaur guardian at Methisle Fortress fails to provide warning of a methspawn migration towards Ganish.

Luhaine and Kharadmon are arguing at Methisle Fortress when Verrain appears with an orange cat. Driven to protect others from emergent methspawn, Verrain formally requests a spellbinder's apprenticeship from Luhaine and pledges to stand in defense as the Guardian of Mirthlvain.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: The Fellowship attempts to eradicate a horde of virulent meth-snakes from Methisle Fortress. Initially, Kharadmon and Luhaine create a barrier ward around Mirthlvain Swamp. Asandir, Sethvir, and Traithe harness the power of the Third Lane from Althain Tower, channeling it through Dakar to Verrain at Methisle Fortress. Verrain uses this energy in addition to the Fifth Lane's energies to bolster the barrier ward, allowing Luhaine to maintain the ward alone. This gives Kharadmon time to destroy the meth-snakes within the ward. Verrain falters before the extermination is complete, but the numbers are sufficiently pared down so that Kharadmon could track the remainder with a fair chance of success.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: On the Vernal Equinox, the Fellowship meet here for their convocation.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: After Morriel's attack on Athera, an unnatural winter prevents the meth-snakes from migrating. Later, Arithon's success at binding the Lanes of Rathain together in harmony ends the unnatural winter early, preventing Verrain from assisting at Rockfell Pit.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5671: Fleeing from Avenor, Princess Ellaine and her escort, Ianfar s'Gannley accept Verrain's hospitality while waiting for a Fellowship escort to Spire.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: While Selidie Prime coordinates a final trap for Arithon in Lanshire, Asandir and Verrain tackle a crisis at Methisle.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5924: Kharadmon assists Verrain in Mirthlvain Swamp during the True Sect campaign in Rathain.


  • The lane focus at Meth Isle Fortress is centuries older than the one at Althain Tower.


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