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Magic on Athera is grounded in real physics properties: resonance and frequency, sound and light, the electromangetic spectrum, and the quantum spectrum.[1] Some forms of magic, such as magic enacted by the Koriathain also favor aspects of the classical elements: earth, wind, air, and fire.

While magic is prevalent throughout the story, some story descriptions are more detailed and complex than others. The tables below cite passages describing particularly complex concepts or newly-introduced rituals, for reference. Magecraft falls into several general categories, although each category is a holistic facet of a deeper unifying type of magecraft.

  • Ath: Magecraft by Ath's Adepts or based on the concept of Ath Creator.
  • Biedar: Magecraft originating from the Biedar tribes of Sanpashir.
  • Elemental: Magecraft based around Elemental mastery or the 4 classical elements (earth, wind, air, and fire).
  • Fellowship: Magecraft performed by the Fellowship of Seven.
  • Koriathain: Magecraft originating from the Order of the Koriathain.
  • Music: Magecraft based on sound and frequency, often perfomed by the Masterbard.
  • Necromancy: Magecraft involving the vampirism of spirits.
  • Paravian: Magecraft originating from the lost Paravian races.
  • Rauven: Magecraft performed by the mages at Rauven, originating from Fellowship practices but developed in isolation from Athera for over 500 years.
  • Other: Magecraft that shares characteristics with other categories.

Curse of the Mistwraith (US Hardcover)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
29 Arithon fights addiction Rauven
72 Elaira goes on Lane Watch Koriathain
83 Asandir heals Arithon Fellowship
125 Alithiel kills the Khadrim Paravian
147 Elaira at the Four Ravens Koriathain
158 Verrain snares a methsnake Fellowship
185 Koriathain Inquiry Koriathain
221 Fellowship fights the meth-snakes Fellowship
233 Fellowship casts strands Fellowship
256 Lane transfer to Caith-al-Caen Fellowship
260 Arithon learms how to sense Paravian ghosts Fellowship
277 Lirenda shows an image to Morriel Prime Koriathain
279 Lirenda engages the Skyron focus Koriathain
297 Asandir protects the half-brothers Fellowship
300 Asandir searches for the Mistwraith Fellowship
321 Final battle against the Mistwraith Fellowship/Elemental
393 Traithe puts the Governor's Council to sleep Fellowship
403 Asandir teleports into the Armory Fellowship
467 Arithon's tienelle scrying Other
499 Asandir and Kharadmon ward Rockfell Pit Fellowship
532 Arithon mazes the valleys in Strakewood Other
553 Arithon unmakes the crossbow bolt Other
555 Arithon creates a sleep snare with a tree Other

Ships of Merior (US Hardcover)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
83 Dakar attracts a plague of fiends Other
97 The Fellowship cast strands for the methuri / revisit the moment of the Mistwraith's possession Fellowship
116 Morriel Prime recalls Arithon's Name for Elaira Koriathain
120 Earth witch conceals armory in Alestron Other
136 Arithon keys into the lost Paravian ritual in Jaelot Paravian/Music
141 Elaira undergoes longevity training Koriathain
143 Grand scrying to locate Arithon Koriathain
173 Luhaine sneaks Asandir into Jaelot Fellowship
177 Asandir lane transfers to Sanpashir Fellowship
179 Arithon "hears" the sorcery in Asandir's coin Music
186 Blood magnetism of herb witch Elemental
202 Arithon spell-turns the Kittiwake Music
218 Sounding the wards on Rockfell Fellowship
235 Lysaer protected by the Light Elemental
276 Dakar sets a geas on the s'Brydion brothers Other
280 Unbinding spell on Dakar's restraints Fellowship
375 Vision of Arithon's location Koriathain
381 Fashioning an iyat bane Koriathain
401-404 Creating the homing beacon for Kharadmon Fellowship
411-417 Healing of the Merior fisherman Music/Koriathain
513-529 Warding of Athera and confrontation with free wraiths Fellowship
604-611 Healing of Jilieth Music/Fellowship
671-673 Lirenda uses the Skyron Focus Koriathain
748 Asandir and Luhaine cast wards over Lysaer's ship at the ransom exchange. Fellowship
765-766 Dakar asks permission to open a door on the Khetienn Fellowship
768 Dakar sends a distress rune to Sethvir over the earth link Fellowship
769-799 Dakar claims Arithon's guilt, shares in the scrying, experiences an augury, and loses his geas Fellowship
832- Dakar ensorcels a green mist on Alestron's mercenaries Fellowship
843-845 Morriel Prime accesses the Great Waystone Koriathain
862-863 Dakar casts wards to make herd dogs sound like the wolves of Sithaer Fellowship
869 Asandir heals Dakar Fellowship

Fugitive Prince (US Hardcover)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
58 Dakar lays a death seal on Arithon Fellowship
73 - 74 Morriel lays down wards for Lirenda's first exposure to the Great Waystone Koriathain
74 - 76 Morriel access the Great Waystone Koriathain
77 Morriel scries for Arithon on the seas Koriathain
79 Morriel attempts to cap a volcanic vent Koriathain
112 - 116 Sethvir and Traithe in rapport to review Lysaer's aura Fellowship
155 - 160 Morriel plots to capture Arithon Koriathain
211 - 212 Lirenda unseals the observatory Koriathain
214 - 216 Lirenda walks through Morriel's construct Koriathain
312 Dakar scrys for Caolle Fellowship
337-338 Sethvir shows auguries to Kharadmon Fellowship
391-393 Arithon distracts the crowd to save Felirin Music
396-397 Alithiel rings in defense of Felirin and Arithon amplifies the ward Paravian
442-445 Traithe frees Jieret's spirit in search of Arithon Fellowship
517-519 Sethvir restores Asandir with the focus circle in Althain Tower Fellowship

Grand Conspiracy (US Hardcover)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
21 Luhaine summons Asandir using the Third Lane Fellowship
26-27 Elaira performs the ritual to create a circle of protection Koriathain
277-279 The Fellowship scry twelve years into the future. Fellowship
338 Morriel casts a banespell on Fionn Areth Koriathain
351-352 Morriel contacts the Daenfal sisterhouse Koriathain
402-410 Asandir is attacked by the Koriathain during lane transfer Fellowship/Koriathain
415 Elaira raises a defense ward in the Jaelot dungeon Koriathain
418-420 Morriel prepares an attack on Athera Koriathain
422-423 Morriel attacks Athera Koriathain
471 Arithon unlocks the Sanpashir power focus Music
482 Description of lane transfer with music Music
504-505 Ritual of dispersal Koriathain
567-570 Healing of Fionn Areth Music/Koriathain
574-575 Ritual dispersal of spellcraft after death Koriathain

Peril's Gate (US Hardcover)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
27-28 Lirenda enhances the geas on the Jaelot guardsman Koriathain
60 Kharadmon inspects the star wards Fellowship
87 Jeriayish uses a blood ritual to search for Arithon Other
96-97 Cerebeld contacts his disciples to spread the Word of the Light Other
168-170 Elaira enters the sanctuary at a hostel of Ath's Adepts Ath
180-184 Dakar performs a scrying to check on Arithon's fate Fellowship
195-196 Jieret taps into his gift of Sight Other
256-259 Arithon sings and uses Alithiel to bring Jieret back Music
274-280 Arithon spirit walks and is bound to Alithiel Other
305-308 Jieret experiences his mage-sight Other
312-313 Jieret prepares a ritual in Daon Ramon Barrens Other
355-359 Selidie Prime defends the Great Waystone from Davien's attack Koriathain
444-445 Kharadmon shares Dakar's physical body Fellowship
452-453 Unkeying the defenses around Rockfell Pit Fellowship
486-491 Arithon harnesses the lanes through music Music
681-683 Arithon unmakes the Maze of Davien Music/Other

Traitor's Knot (US Hardcover)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
51-61 Freeing Lysaer from necromancy Paravian/Biedar
156-157 Asandir spiritwalks from Althain Tower Fellowship
159-161 Asandir alters the homing beacon spell Fellowship
432-433 Elaira heals Arithon's unbalanced aura Ath/Other
511-518 Arithon is subjugated by the Kralovir Necromancy

Stormed Fortress (UK Paperback)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
100-101 Arithon awakens the markers in Selkwood Music
271, 276 - 279 Arithon and Elaira try to heal Sidir Music/Koriathain
276 Asandir explains the nature of a Koriani healing cipher Koriathain
380 Selidie uses a sigil on Parrien's men Koriathain
381 Glendien and Dakar conceal themselves with Glendien's hunter gift Fellowship/Other
520-528 Elaira enters Glendien's body to restore Arithon to consciousness Ath/Koriathain/Biedar

Initiate's Trial (UK Hardback)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
2-6 Arithon battles a free wraith. Music
78-80 Arithon heals Efflin. Music
144-145 Selidie extracts the iyat from the Great Waystone. Koriathain
149 Gestry s'Lornmein's attunement and accession to High King. Fellowship
211-212 Arithon weaves disparate types of magic in defense of Caithwood. Music,Fellowship,Paravian
233-235 Asandir faces a young drake at Penstair. Fellowship,Drake
310-312, 317-321 Arithon sings for Tarens. Music
531-533, 535-538 Gestry channels the flux. Paravian

Destiny's Conflict (UK Hardback)

Page Description Type of Magecraft
260-265 Arithon explores the Great Waystone Koriathain/Music/Other
370-372 Arithon is trapped by the Ettin shamans Other


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