Lysaer - Role in the Story (Warhost of Vastmark)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Warhost of Vastmark.

Third Age 5646: Lysaer sails on the Savrid to Alestron, where he convinces Duke Bransian and his brothers that a winter assault on Merior is needed.

Third Age 5647: He travels with the mercenaries of Alestron to Merior, and catches the Shearfast sailing away with Tharrick and Arithon's remaining shipwrights aboard. During the pursuit, Lysaer fires a bolt of Light at the ship, burning the temporary riggings. Failing to capture anyone who might lead him to Arithon from the Shearfast, Lysaer seeds doubt about Arithon's intentions in Merior, and promises to protect the townsfolk with his gift of Light. In a misguided attempt to turn her loyalty, he asks Jinesse to care for Tharrick, who allowed himself to be left as a decoy aboard the burning ship. Later, when writing to Talith, he learns that Tharrick and Jinesse have evaded their guard and made their way to a hostel of Ath's Adepts.

Lysaer travels to the local hostel and meets with a female adept inside. He is taken to the Sacred Grove within the hostel and shown an image of himself, cursed by the Mistwraith, with his half-brother in the unwilling role of a killer. Rather than sway him back to sanity, this vision merely strengthens his resolve to hunt Arithon, and seeds the first doubts that Ath's Adepts might be in collusion with Arithon. Afterwards, he releases Mearn's galleys to search the coastline, and moves his war camp from Merior to Southshire for the winter (until the troops left at Werpoint can rejoin him). Throughout the the winter, Lysaer engages in diplomacy with guild ministers and hears rumors that Arithon is in the Cascain Islands.

Just before Spring Equinox, Kharadmon visits him in the Supreme Mayor's palace with word that Arithon has kidnapped Lady Talith. Lysaer agrees to the ransom of five hundred thousand coin weight in gold, to be delivered in Ostermere and pledges that no acts of bloodshed will occur before the exchange. He asks Diegan to find men willing to take the blame for her folly, so that the people he taxes for ransom will not fault her. Diegan, for the first time, sees how much Lysaer truly loves Talith. Lysaer then meets with Duke Bransian and convinces him to protect the supply lines across Vastmark. Bransian agrees, in exchange for a voice on Lysaer's war council.

In advance of the ransom exchange, Lysaer and his retinue travel to Cheivalt. They stay in a mansion offered by the Mayor of Cheivalt for the summer, after it is discovered that the ransom has been stolen enroute to Ostermere. When Asandir and Dakar finally bring word of the second ransom, Lysaer's retinue travels to Ostermere. Lysaer waits in the royal galley while Diegan coordinates the ransom exchange. Lysaer and Talith accept the hospitality of King Eldir after the ransom exchange, and Lysaer learns that his wife's belief in his cause has been shaken by time spent in Arithon's captivity. He comes to believe that Arithon's ransom scheme was always a strike against Talith, and decides that he can no longer trust her. While Lysaer is at sea returning to Vastmark for war, a delegation of Tysan's city mayors and trade ministers in Erdane draft a charter that legitimizes his high kingship through Town Law.

On the day of the strike at Dier Kenton Vale, Lysaer and Diegan lead the main body of the war host up the vale. When Arithon's presence is confirmed, Lysaer falls back with an honor guard and uses his gift of light to support his troops. The elemental attacks trigger a landslide which obliterates 28,000 troops. The aftermath finds Lysaer and 196 survivors trapped in the vale with all passes closed off and no way to reconnect with the armies from Jaelot and Alestron. He calls for the survivors to regroup outside of the valley, but stops short of commanding a full-scale retreat to Forthmark. After regrouping, Lysaer writes a letter to Duke Bransian s'Brydion, informing him of Keldmar's disappearance. As winter approaches, his remaining 11,000 troops search Vastmark for Arithon. Lysaer tries to raise troop morale by meeting the sentries at every change of watch and using his gift of lift to warm the troops. He also purchases new arms for the Alestron mercenaries who were ensorcelled by Dakar, earning their loyalty.

When Duke Bransian receives a ransom letter from Arithon for the lives of three s'Brydion brothers, he can only convince 400 of his original 6000 mercenaries to follow him. The remainder stay loyal to Lysaer and work to resecure the supply lines previously guarded by Bransian's forces. Erlien's clansmen are not fooled by the change of personnel on the supply lines. Without supplies, the forces from Jaelot retreat. Lysaer's defeat is compounded by a ransom request for the s'Brydion brothers, delivered to his camp by Asandir.

In the aftermath of defeat, Lysaer refocuses his strategy to become an inspirational example across the Kingdoms. As Prince of the Light, he hopes to undermine the influence of the Fellowship and Ath's Brotherhood. Lysaer returns to Avenor where Tysan's city delegates grant him the official town charter for the high king's office.