Lysaer - Role in the Story (Traitor's Knot)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot.

Third Age 5670: Lysaer and the remnants of the Etarran army stop in Erdane on the way to Avenor. After recounting their losses, Lysaer retires immediately. Sulfin Evend discovers him in a weakened, gaunt state, about which his personal staff had been sworn to secrecy. With Lysaer's loyal valet standing as witness, Sulfin Evend performs a ritual of excision learned from Enithen Tuer. Lysaer willingly cuts the final binding that tied him to a necromancer and falls unconscious, missing his traditional sunrise communication with Cerebeld. Sulfin Evend and the valet keep watch on Lysaer during his convalescence.

Upon awakening, Sulfin Evend advises Lysaer to abandon Avenor, gain arcane protection, and regroup at Etarra. He does not realize that Lysaer has dosed his tea with valerian. The next day, Lysaer wakes Sulfin Evend up to witness an audience with Lord Mayor Helfin and Lysaer concerning Princess Ellaine and the conspiracy of Talith's death. Lysaer insists on returning to Avenor to rout the corruption, but agrees to travel by way of Hanshire. Sulfin Evend agrees to meet him there after fulfilling his obligation to travel to Althain Tower. In recovery, Lysaer learns more about necromancy from Erdane's vaulted records and learns some basic arcane defenses. He travels home by way of Mainmere, where he works out of a borrowed manor to help ease the winter famine through martial law. While staying in Capewell, he visits a poor farmstead and recruits Edan for the cause of the Light.

Third Age 5671: In early winter, Lysaer travels to Hanshire to petition Mayor Garde's council. The meeting is interrupted by Sulfin Evend who reveals that the Koriathain asked for his gifted offspring, which caused the argument with his father 17 years prior. This leads Lysaer to deliver an ultimatum to the sorceresses and leave Hanshire without any further alliance.

Lysaer's careful planning to return to Avenor and face the taint of necromancy is upset when he receives proof from King Eldir of the conspiracy to murder Lady Talith. He sails for Avenor immediately to confront his corrupt council, protected by Sulfin Evend's most trusted troops and the flint knife. Sulfin Evend and his troops surround and arrest the council while Lysaer sentences them for conspiracy. Sulfin Evend guards the twelve arrested men in Avenor's dungeon after Lysaer insists upon a trial. At nightfall, Lysaer is tricked into visiting the dungeon by a conspirator who escaped arrest, triggering a repossession of the conspirators' bodies by necromancers. Sulfin Evend kills his trusted men who escort Lysaer to prevent the prince from getting in range of the conspirators. Sulfin Evend uses the flint knife to prevent a repossession. The necromancers attempt to trigger the curse by revealing information about Arithon and Ellaine, but Sulfin Evend is able to convince Lysaer to burn down the dungeon (and the hall of state) by invoking Talith's name. Afterwards, Lysaer offers Sulfin Evend a discharge from service but it is not accepted.

Approached by his new council in the summer about the sabotage of sunwheel efforts in the south, Lysaer reveals that he has proof in hand of Ellaine's presence at Spire and Duke Bransian's collusion with Arithon. Blindsided, Sulfin Evend argues with Lysaer and inadvertently triggers the curse. Lysaer attacks Sulfin Evend with a blast of light but Sulfin Evend is protected by Asandir's ward. Lysaer's attempt to use the flint knife to wound causes a backlash of flame. Sulfin Evend knocks Lysaer unconscious as guardsmen burst in. With the help of the valet, Sulfin Evend eases the guardsmens' suspicions.

At sea enroute to Spire to confront Ath's Adepts, Lysaer suffers a curse-driven incident on the moment that Arithon sets foot in Alestron. Because Havish has not recognized the sunwheel banner, Lysaer's ship must travel around the kingdom to make port in Radmoore. Lysaer challenges the entry to the hostel in Spire with a bolt of light. Princess Ellaine agrees to hear his petition, accompanied by a cloaked member of Ath's Adepts. He pleads for her return to Avenor but is rejected. Shocked when the cloaked man reveals himself as Kevor, Lysaer is carried away from the hostel by Sulfin Evend. Lysaer attempts a curse-driven attack on the hostel but is blocked by Sulfin Evend. He attacks Sulfin Evend with a bolt of light causing backlash from the flint knife whose protection he discards. Sulfin Evend orders the state galley to leave Havish and Lysaer proceeds with his original plan to raise the southcoast against Alestron.

He travels overland to Shipsport and then sails to Jaelot while Sulfin Evend remains in the south for his errand to Sanpashir. In Jaelot, one of his faithful with talent confirms that a local priest installed by the corrupt Cerebeld shows no signs of active necromancy. The curse is triggered on the moment that Arithon defeats the Kralovir in Etarra and Lysaer uses the moment to publicly launch his campaign against Alestron. He leaves at speed the next morning, bound for Varens.