Lysaer - Role in the Story (Stormed Fortress)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Third Age 5671: From Varens, Lysaer travels to Tirans to begin raising an army to attack Alestron. He travels with a Varens courier, Ranne, Fennick, and Edan. After delivering an ultimatum to the Mayor of Tirans to fly the sunwheel banner, Lysaer manipulates lights in the town to incite a fear of the dark. The town raises the banner in spite of the Mayor of Tirans's rejection. Lysaer then oversees the muster from this location. Lysaer hand-signs an edict to Duke Bransian demanding their surrender on the charge of conspiracy.

He arrives at Alestron in autumn, just after his Lord Justiciar has been killed by Alestron's defenders. In retaliation, he immolates the farmsteads surrounding Alestron, killing Keldmar and his veteran troops. In the aftermath, he has nightmares of guilt while watched over by Ranne and Fennick. Lysaer mobilizes his armies for a land-based attack on the lower town of Alestron before Sulfin Evend has returned from the south coast. This attack elicits no response from Alestron's defenses. As the second wave advances, the army is beset by traps from Mearn's saboteurs. In retribution for the dead and wounded, Lysaer launches an attack of Light against the upper citadel. It is deflected by the Paravian wards and turned against the army by Duke Bransian, whose men launch trebuchet ammunition through the Light, raining molten fire on the attackers below.

On the day after the attack, Lysaer visits the pavilions of the Koriathain to offer his assistance and is paired with a healer named Samaura. Their work is interrupted by Selidie Prime, who broaches the possibility of alliance but is rejected by Lysaer. He continues to help the healers and emerges the next day to find the camp under activity commanded by Sulfin Evend. Ranne and Fennick escort him back to the command tent, where Sulfin Evend warns Lysaer about the dangers of Selidie's presence on the battlefield. Lysaer has curse-driven dreams when Arithon arrives back in Alestron. When Selidie Prime is thwarted in her attempts to control Arithon's fate, she afflicts Lysaer with nightmares to accelerate attacks on Alestron. Sulfin Evend knocks Lysaer unconscious in time, but the move is observed by sunwheel troops. To protect Sulfin Evend, Lysaer sends his commander on a menial errand to Tirans. The nightmares continue in Sulfin Evend's absence, and Lysaer orders unsuccessful attacks on the citadel. On the day that Arithon finally acts, Lysaer attacks Alestron with Light, destroying the vacant buildings outside the inner citadel and melting the crenels of Wyntok Gate. When Arithon awakens Alithiel, the effect causes Lysaer to collapse.

Sulfin Evend returns from Tirans to find Selidie Prime seeking an alliance with Lysaer. He thwarts Selidie's attempt by revealing the Koriathain as the source of the drake skulls that triggered Seshkrozchiel's attack on Avenor. Sulfin Evend suggests that Raiett Raven knew more than revealed about the origin of the drake skulls and warns Lysaer not to trust Hanshire or Mayor Garde. Under the protection of Alithiel's song, Lysaer is able to reveal that he is aware of the curse. He conspires with Sulfin Evend to defang the war host by dividing the army between Avenor and Alestron.

Lysaer is departing the battlefront when Alithiel's song stops and the curse returns in full force. This draws him back to Alestron while saving the refugees that would have suffered had he sailed further away and outside of Alithiel's range. Sulfin Evend tries to help Lysaer resist the curse. The prince launches a bolt of Light at a struggling supply brig in the estuary to prevent it from falling into the hands of Alestron's defenders. This triggers an reflexive counterattack of Shadow from Arithon and the onset of the curse. Guarded by Ranne, Fennick, and his elite guard, Lysaer attacks the darkness from atop a siege tower. For the first time, Sulfin Evend manages to guide Lysaer back to sanity without unconsciousness, with help from the gift of his s'Gannley heritage which allows him to see Lysaer's life aura. They regroup and launch a traditional attack with sappers and oared galleys under cover of a winter storm.

Sulfin Evend returns to the command tent when Fionn Areth's body is discovered in the sewers. Both Lysaer and Sulfin Evend realize that the body is not Arithon's. Sulfin Evend recommends a ceremonial burning for the body to buy time for the final stages of the siege, even though the act is not likely to fool Alliance talent. The discussion is interrupted when Sulfin Evend moves to intercept a Koriani healer being extracted from the conquered sea quarter. Sulfin Evend returns with word that Arithon has escaped the field of combat. Lysaer and Sulfin Evend organize a ritual burning of Fionn Areth's body and convince the army to wait for Alestron's surrender due to lack of supplies rather than more rash attacks. They return to their original plan, with Lysaer returning to Avenor and Sulfin Evend taking control of the siege.

Third Age 5672 In the spring, Lysaer reaffirms his need for Sulfin Evend's strength at the ruins of Avenor.