Lysaer - Role in the Story (Peril's Gate)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Third Age 5670: Lysaer's delegation arrives by galley in Narms two weeks after Winter Solstice. He allows Jeriayish to perform a blood ritual that reveals two facts: Prince Kevor will soon leave Avenor for Karfael, and Arithon is in Rathain traveling towards Ithamon. Lysaer continues to use blood rituals to coordinate Alliance forces into Daon Ramon Barrens throughout the winter. He receives word of Kevor's death from Cerebeld and reveals his love for Kevor to Sulfin Evend. When Jeriayish arrives to perform another blood ritual, Lysaer instead opts to mobilize his army, able to sense Arithon's presence without any ritual. After Jeriayish dies following exposure to Alithiel's chord, Lysaer's blood scrying reveals that Arithon's true location is obscured with spelled decoys.

Lysaer is tricked by Jieret's ritual into believing that Arithon's presence his all around him. His attacks decimate the army out of Narms that was accompanying him. After Sulfin Evend erases Jieret's spell circle, Lysaer attacks again, his bolts of light redirected to the locations of the 8 spelled acorns carried by clansmen. This effectively decimates the bulk of the Alliance forces from Darkling and Jaelot. With Jieret as his prisoner, Sulfin Evend locates and tends to Lysaer, who is delirious from overextension. He chastises the prince for not having arcane protections for his troops when fighting against Arithon. Lysaer demands that the trio travel towards the Etarran troops who have been dispatched to meet them. During a storm, Lysaer admits that Arithon is his half-brother, and Sulfin Evend reveals a close-kept secret about mage talent in clansmen. Lysaer expresses his intent to protect humanity and ultimately overturn the Fellowship's Compact, not to purge all mage talent.

When the trio meet up with the Etarran army, Lysaer and Jieret are housed in the captain's campaign tent to recuperate. Sulfin Evend is explaining his recent actions to Lysaer when Arithon's presence is revealed in the Mathorn Mountains. After Lysaer sends a signal of elemental light to alert the army, Jieret offers the land his conscious voice, inadvertently drawing a centaur guardian from the past in defense of the land. This centaur recognizes Lysaer as Outcast from the protection of the Compact, and offers him unconditional redemption. When Lysaer refuses, the centaur warns that living Paravians still inhabit Athera and that Daon Ramon Barrens is protected by Paravian Law. The centaur blows his horn and vanishes, causing chaos in the human camp and leaving it at the mercy of lurking iyats.

Lysaer orders Sulfin Evend to rally the men out of mass hysteria and then kills Jieret with a sword thrust. He is successful at regrouping the core of the Etarran army in spite of the centaur's visit. Lysaer accompanies Sulfin Evend and the Etarran army in pursuit of Arithon in the Mathorn Mountains. After Arithon escapes into Kewar Tunnel, Lysaer and Sulfin Evend ascend to the entrance of the tunnel to confirm that it has been sealed off. Lysaer postulates that Arithon might have gained a powerful ally in Davien. He travels back to Avenor by way of Narms after the failed pursuit.