Lysaer - Role in the Story (Initiate's Trial)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.

Third Age 5683: Lysaer turns apostate to the doctrine of the religion of the Light in the Great Schism, and ejects priests from Etarra. As a result, the True Sect forms and adopts Erdane for its High Temple of the Light.

Third Age 5688: As Mayor of Etarra, Lysaer creates a treaty with Barach s'Valerient, bringing stable peace to the clans in Rathain.

Third Age 5922: Lysaer awakens from prescient nightmares in Etarra after Arithon escapes Koriani captivity.

Third Age 5923: It is revealed that Lysaer dismissed Daliana's potential with contempt, on the day she was first presented to him before high Etarran society. When Arithon recovers his use of Shadow in Taerlin, Daliana observes the effects on Lysaer and intercepts his exit from a social function. She states her role as a Fellowship agent and convinces him to leave with her. Lysaer fails in his attempts to embarrass her out of his personal quarters and reveals his fear of betrayal by women. To keep the Curse at bay, Daliana engages Lysaer in a game of Ten Jack. Her distractions enable Lysaer to last the night without a Curse-driven break. Despite this success, Daliana is ostracized from the court.

Over the next two weeks, Lysaer tracks the movement of a Light's Hope retinue from Erdane, delaying it with statecraft where possible. When Daliana destroys a spelled fetch of Arithon held by a Koriani conspirator, Lysaer succumbs to a violent fit. He meets with the Light's Hope and makes the decision to transfer governance of Etarra over to the True Sect, then departs for Tysan to pursue Arithon.

Lysaer's retinue is intercepted by Dakar on Mathorn Road. The Mad Prophet warns him of the spelled Koriani fetch hidden in his saddlebag. He returns to Etarra with Dakar and a temple diviner. Lysaer interrupts Daliana's trial, ablaze in a corona of light for the first time in 200 years. After exposing the True Sect conspiracy to use Lysaer as a curse-driven figurehead, the prince orders the diviner to sentence the Light's Hope to death by sword and fire under Canon Law and evicts the True Sect from Etarra.

Lysaer and Dakar argue over Lysaer's decision to raise arms against the True Sect. The prince quickly departs when Daliana awakens because of her similarity to Lady Talith.

After Arithon exposes his presence in Caithwood, Dakar has another prescient vision and fails to convince Lysaer not to ride at the head of his troops. At a tavern on Mathorn Road, Lysaer narrowly avoids a curse-driven episode while interceding on behalf of innocents affected by the planet's shift in resonance. He, Dakar, and Daliana visit the condemned in the tavern's cellar. While Dakar heals them, Daliana and Lysaer run menial errands. Lysaer refuses Dakar's offer of a basic ward of protection and slips away, leaving the other two trapped in the cellar on his orders.

Under influence of the Curse, Lysaer drives his horse to exhaustion. He is knocked unconscious and breaks his collarbone when the horse collapses. An apothecary sets the bone. Through Seshkrozchiel's intervention, Daliana catches up to Lysaer at a wayside inn.

Daliana convinces Lysaer to talk as they travel. He reveals his regrets about Lady Talith and describes the construction of Avenor. He reveals that he accepted the curse wholeheartedly to avoid the infamy of the lives lost at Dier Kenton Vale. When asked about his plans to confront the True Sect, he admits that he has not thought through a tactic other than to start burning their temples with Light. After a fortnight's delay due to weather in Narms, Lysaer chooses to travel south by land instead of crossing the Instrell Bay.

When the curse strikes in Morvain, Daliana barely gets Lysaer into the Gull and Anchor tavern and out of the public eye. She offers herself as a strategy to blunt the curse, but the Koriathain activate another fetch before she can proceed. Lysaer fully succumbs to the curse and attacks her with Light. He leaves to rejoin the cause of the True Sect.

Weeks later, Lysaer leads the True Sect army in Lanshire. High King Gestry's war band attacks in an attempt to distract from Arithon's position. Lysaer is not fooled, forcing Gestry to tap his crown jewels in defense. The initial effect fails to deter the True Sect but Gestry's attempt ultimately summons projections of all three Paravian races, halting the fighting and rendering many combatants senseless.