Lysaer - Role in the Story (Grand Conspiracy)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Grand Conspiracy.

Third Age 5653: Through Sulfin Evend, Lysaer allows Harradene to set fire to Caithwood in order to flush out hiding clansmen. He then travels to Riverton to inspect the shipyards, where production has faltered since the failed campaign at Corith. His meeting with Cattrick is interrupted by Mearn, who states his intent to return to Alestron to marry. Lysaer promises more fund to Cattrick, pending his marriage to Ellaine of Erdane, and asks that the new fleet be ready to sail for the wedding. Lysaer is having a light supper with Sulfin Evend and his trade ministers when he is interrupted by bad news from the campaign to burn Caithwood. He directs Sulfin Evend to collect the resources to care for the fallen troops, no matter the cost.

Over the next months, he uses statecraft to drive the Alliance cause. Under Vorrice's watch, three practitioners of magic are given the opportunity to prove their powers on Caithwood's fallen troops. Sethvir reveals himself during the trial and bargains with Cerebeld, who agrees to a grant of protection for Caithwood in exchange for the awakening of the troops. Sethvir observes Cerebeld communicating telepathically with Lysaer.

Third Age 5654: Lysaer is in East Bransing making plans to stage the permanent seat of the Alliance at Etarra. He returns to Avenor in late winter to find Harradene and his troops recovered but unfit to continue serving the Alliance because of their time under the spell of the trees. Lysaer is forced to publicly release them from duty without the chance to set up pensions. He later learns that Cerebeld advised Harradene on this plan.

Lysaer's wedding preparations are interrupted by a courier who brings news that four ships out of Riverton have shipwrecked under suspicion of sabotage. The Prince orders Sulfin Evend to convene the high council on his state galley without interrupting the wedding itself, and proceeds with the wedding on time and as planned. He consummates his marriage to Ellaine but refuses to show affection, out of fear that such a tie might be exploited in the same manner as Lady Talith. Afterwards, he boards his state galley and hints at his plans for the sabotage to Sulfin Evend, realizing that he cannot confide his long-term vision as he once did with Diegan. Lysaer learns from Raiett Raven in Hanshire that the conspiracy may be broader than expected. He invites the statesman to accompany him while he deals with the situation and sends a bolt of light into the sky to warn the Lord Mayor's war fleet of his imminent arrival.

Lysaer's plan to use the sabotage to his advantage is defanged by by Mearn and Parrien, who appear to have tortured and killed all of the conspirators. He backs down in front of his guild ministers, who believe the s'Brydion story of shipyard funds lost to clan piracy. He travels to Riverton to find the shipyard a total loss, and then interviews any craftsmen who remain, but does not find incontrovertible proof of s'Brydion involvement. Lysaer reveals that he will allow the s'Brydion allegiance to remain uncontested in order to profit from the potential fallout later on. Lysaer finally requests Raiett's resources, including his wards for hiding his plans from arcane scryers. Lysaer is met by Ellaine upon returning to Avenor In privacy, he reveals his honest worry that affection for her might be his downfall. He then reveals to her father that the dower gold had vanished without reaching the shipyard. Lysaer convenes his guildsmen and calls for an immediate reduction in troops, allowing them to reclaim their profits. Lysaer and Ellaine attend a state dinner where the s'Brydion brothers are given prominent places to indicate their trusted loyalty. Later, the couple try again to conceive an heir.

Protected by Raiett Raven's drake wards, the Cabal of Light hold a clandestine meeting to plot the spread of Light across all five kingdoms. Lysaer greatly reduces his plans for war over the coming decade, allowing the guilds to prosper. The Alliance spreads its influence to port towns in four High Kingdoms within five years and all inland caravan routes within the decade.

Third Age 5655: Lysaer's son, Kevor, is born.

Third Age 5667: Lysaer is in Etarra overseeing the Alliance. After transferring power to Etarra, he has spent each summer here with Raiett Raven and Sulfin Evend, overseeing the training efforts for new recruits. Lysaer is summoned to see Lord Governor Supreme Morfett, whose health is failing. He agrees to run for the office of Lord Governor Supreme and turn Etarra into a fortress for the Light. After Morfett's death, he successfully becomes the new Lord Governor Supreme. His first act is to hire the stonemasons of Elssine to build the fortress.

Third Age 5669: Lysaer is in Erdane on the way home to Avenor for the winter when Fionn Areth departs from Araethura. After Raiett Raven's agents bring word of Fionn Areth's swordplay in Daenfal, Lysaer arranges for fast passage to substantiate the rumors. When portents fill the sky, Lysaer reveals his plan to use such an event to convince his scared guilds to contribute more resources to the Alliance. Unsure whether to return to Avenor or press on to Daenfal, the sunwheel priest, Jeriayish, offers him a way to learn more about Arithon's location. Later, he informs Sulfin Evend that he knows, with certainty, that Arithon has returned. Later, he learns from a transmission from Cerebeld that Kevor has salvaged his plot to turn the guilds in his favour.