Lysaer - Role in the Story (Fugitive Prince)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Third Age 5647: Just after the campaign in Vastmark, Lysaer meets with the ambassador from Havish, who seeks to return Tysan's waylaid ransom of 500,000 coin weight while maintaining Havish's neutrality in future events. Lysaer coyly times the meeting to overlap with another meeting discussing sovereignty with his allies. Present are over a dozen Tysan mayors, leaders of the Western and Northern Headhunter Leagues, and representatives from Jaelot, Etarra, Alestron, and other cities in Shand.

This meeting is the foundational meeting of Lysaer's Alliance of Light. A clansman interrupts the proceedings to formally protest the unsanctioned town edict of crown rule, and Lysaer reveals his intent to continue pursuing Arithon across the kingdoms, while a regency answerable to the mayors is established in Tysan. He emphasizes the dangers posed by Arithon based on the attack at the Havens, and plans to rebuild the destroyed eastshore trade fleet. Lysaer allows the clansman to live as a spokesman, demanding fealty from Tysan's clans with the threat of slavery. During the following two months, Lysaer sets his scholars to work recovering the lost arts of star sights and sea navigation. He also condemns his first clan captives to chained slavery, triggering an appeal from Ath's Adepts to the Fellowship to uphold the Compact.

Third Age 5648: On winter solstice, he is accosted by Talith on his way to dispense shadow-banes in Avenor's grand plaza. He hides the fact that he has set Talith aside by hinting at her failure to conceive. When he reaches the plaza, he is transported via lane transfer to Althain Tower by Kharadmon. Summoned by the Fellowship for his act of slavery, Lysaer is asked to abjure his call to arms and publicly renounce his false divinity. He refuses and is cast outside of the Compact, and then returned to Avenor. Later, he spreads the rumor that Arithon is demon-borne and has affected Talith to the point where she must retire in strict seclusion.

Third Age 5652: Lysaer has left Avenor on a diplomatic trip to Etarra when Arithon returns to the continent. On the road between Erdane and Miralt, his state retinue is attacked by a clan archer. Lysaer uses his gift of light to protect his retinue and counterattack the archer, who is captured for trial. Lysaer's grand entrance into Miralt is humanized by his care for a wounded page boy. He visits Ath's shrine to give thanks for safe deliverance, and later calms a vengeful crowd seeking to kill the captive archer. In Narms, Lysaer is visited by a Koriani sorceress who speaks for Morriel Prime and offers assistance with capturing Arithon. This causes Lysaer to reevaluate his stance that all spellcraft is harmful to humanity. He does not realize that the sorceress has also taken a small lock of hair. While Lysaer is in Etarra, he receives a Koriani gift of a treatise on the lost arts of ocean navigation. After receiving a warning letter from Cattrick, he leaves for Tysan in secrecy and haste.

Third Age 5653: News reaches Mearn s'Brydion in the spring that Lysaer has arrived back in Avenor. Based on conjecture from Talith's maid, Lysaer and his inner circle visit Talith in her tower and formally confirm that she is pregnant. Lysaer orders his men to keep Talith in good health until the birth of the child and then try her for treason. He orders the child to be ritually killed if it turns out to be an offspring of darkness, sent to Talith's family in Etarra if it is blameless, or sent to a Koriani orphanage if no one else will have it. He immediately leaves by ship after this encounter.

Lysaer's war galleys easily take the outpost at Corith. They wait in ambush for the Cariadwin, which arrives soon after with a crew of freed slaves and clan scouts, and is captured. When the Lance is reclaimed by Arithon's allies, it sails to Corith for a prisoner exchange. Lysaer destroys the ship and prisoners at anchorage as an object lesson to Lirenda, to show that he will not allow interference from outside orders like the Koriathain. He reveals his motivation for his actions to be more than just the building of a power base -- he believes that no one else is capable and willing to stand up for humanity. In the ensuing storm, the surviving clansmen from the Lance sabotage his ships and reclaim the Cariadwin, leaving his men stranded on Corith.

Three months later, Lysaer's repaired fleet makes landfall at Orlest. He learns of the disappearance of Sulfin Evend's guardsmen at the same time as Talith's alleged suicide, and chooses to search for Sulfin Evend first. He dismisses a fresh recruit from service who questions the usefulness of pursuing the guardsmen after so many months. After reaching Middlecross, Lysaer is led by a local guide to the location near the grimward. Sulfin Evend is returned to Athera on the same moment that Lysaer uses his gift of Light, causing the mistaken impression that the prince saved him. Lysaer, however, realizes the truth and tries to convince himself that the grand harmony he experienced was a deception. He takes credit for saving Sulfin Evend and promotes him to Commander of Armies.