Lysaer - Role in the Story (Curse of the Mistwraith)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5637: Lysaer is first introduced at South Isle, where he is courting his betrothed. After meeting with Arithon in the hold of the Briane he orders that the prisoner be drugged until they reach Amroth.

When Arithon is banished through the Worldsend gate, the mages at Rauven ensures that Lysaer is banished with him. The half-brothers then cross the Red Desert and drink from the Five Centuries Fountain before traveling through the Worldsend gate at Mearth. Afflicted by the Curse of Mearth, he is healed by Asandir.

With Arithon, he enters the town of West End after a rendez-vous with Dakar runs late. After turning the heads of many townsfolk, he leaves with Asandir, Dakar, and Arithon. The party travels to Erdane by way of the Tornir Peaks where they meet Felirin the Scarlet and battle a Khadrim. In Erdane they stay with Enithen Tuer, and meet Elaira when she visits.

In the Thaldein Mountains, Lysaer discovers his heritage after Arithon provokes Grithen into a ransom situation. The party is taken to west outpost where Lysaer is disturbed by the coarse nature of the clansmen he will someday rule. The party travels to the focus at Isaer, and lane transfer to Althain Tower. Lysaer wakes up after the eradication of the meth-snakes to find Traithe mending bridles in his room. He eats a meal and then accompanies Traithe into the storerooms in search of the crown jewels of Havish. Impressed by the sheer age of the artifacts, Lysaer pledges to heal the rift between the townsfolk and clansmen. Though Traithe leaves him the opening to ask for training in magecraft, Lysaer does not. Lysaer helps Dakar drag Arithon down to the cellar for lane transfer, and is ashamed that he didn't think to protect his half-brother's dignity. He faints during the lane transfer to Caith-al-Caen. The party crosses Daon Ramon Barrens to arrive at Ithamon.

Third Age 5638: The half-brothers battle the Mistwraith from Kieling Tower for three weeks and when Arithon plots to upset a Koriani scrying, Lysaer adds his powers of light without realizing the stakes. After his concerns are dismissed by the Fellowship, Lysaer asks Arithon about the haunting of Ithamon. The pair are attacked outside Kieling Tower and Lysaer falls unconscious. Later examinations of him by the Fellowship reveal nothing amiss. Lysaer assists with the final battle against the Mistwraith, where its remnants are contained in a warded stone flask inside Kieling Tower. In the final moments, when the Mistwraith threatens to break away, Lysaer seals the flask barehanded and has contact with the wraiths.

A couple days after the battle, he is drinking with Arithon in the ruins of Ithamon when Dakar reveals the forced gifts of their family lines. Lysaer accompanies Arithon to Etarra and, following the initial ceremony, he accompanies most of Etarra's ruling class to the tavern to get them royally drunk. After the ceremony where the Royal Charter is read, Lysaer uses his charm to protect Arithon from the Etarrans' unwanted advances and ripostes. He is introduced to Lady Talith here. The next morning, Lysaer tries to appease the Governors' Council in Arithon's absence. Told by Kharadmon that Arithon is in the poor quarter, Lysaer discovers his half-brother creating ships out of shadows for beggar children. Following a string of headaches since the imprisonment of the Mistwraith, Lysaer goes into the garden on the eve of the coronation to reconcile his thoughts. Elaira meets him here, her task to judge the half-brothers for the Koriathain.

On the day of the coronation, Lysaer dines with Diegan and Talith, who press him to confront his half-brother. He leaves through a secret passage when Asandir and Dakar arrive, and goes to Arithon's room in the governor's mansion. Finding no one there, he smashes the lyranthe created by Elshian. Lysaer then roams the city in search of Arithon, gradually become more and more possessed by the Mistwraith. He finally locates him from the vantage point of a high gallery, and attacks with a light bolt. The bolt transfers the curse of the Mistwraith to Arithon, and Lysaer faints, drained of power.

While unconscious, Lysaer is taken by Asandir to the south ward armory, where Sethvir and Asandir exorcise the wraith that possessed him. However, his gift of justice is permanently skewed because of the possession. Lysaer wakes up in the armory and then leaves with Diegan to calm the riots in Etarra. From the coronation dais, Lysaer channels his gift of Light to defeat the dark-wards Arithon has left over the city. He is called "Lysaer of the Light" for the first time here, by Diegan. He is only able to clear the shadows past the gates before fainting, but they vanish on their own shortly after midnight. After fainting, Lysaer is carried to Morfett's best guest suite, where he convinces the Governors' Council about the menace of Arithon. Etarra prepares for war, and Lysaer's direct nature is instrumental in cutting through the city's greed and excesses. On the eve of the war host's march, Lysaer dances with Talith and confides that he cannot make people understand just how dangerous Arithon is.

The following morning, he heads the army, ten thousand strong, flanked by Diegan and Gnudsog, and wielding a sword with Arithon's name in reverse runes. When clan children are discovered in Strakewood, practicing javelin tosses, Lysaer orders forty light riders to puruse them. This action begins the massacre of the Battle of Strakewood. After the clans of Deshir flood the Tal Quorin, Lysaer orders his men to see Diegan to safety and then breaks his collarbone in the ensuing flood. He is picked up by Pesquil's men downstream, and discover a group of clan children cutting throats soon after. After killing the clan children, Pesquil's men and Lysaer flush out Teynie who inadvertently leads the headhunters back to the hideout where the women and children are hiding.

When Lysaer realizes that Pesquil will allow his men to rape the women to draw out the clan men, he destroys the women with his power of Light, knowing that the clansmen, and Arithon, will come running. Lysaer spots Arithon across the battlefield, triggering the Curse. The pair trade words and attacks of Light and Shadow before Lysaer channels an attack so destructive that it would also destroy himself. With Jieret's timely intervention, Arithon protects the forest (and Lysaer) with Shadow, not realizing that Lysaer collapsed from stress and blood loss before being able to launch his Light attack. Lysaer is pulled from the conflict by Pesquil and a dedicated lieutenant. After the Battle of Strakewood, Lysaer (still unaware of the curse) believes that the moment he embraced self-destruction to murder Arithon may have been manipulated by Arithon himself. He resolves that the next foray will be well-planned and not put him in harm's way.

Diegan meets with Lysaer before being returned to Etarra with the wounded. He agrees to ask Morfett for an official invitation set under city seal so Lysaer can continue his efforts on the city's behalf. Lysaer stays with the remainder of the Etarran troops, returning to their original plan of poisoning the waters and scaring off the game. He agrees to return to Etarra in the autumn to visit Lady Talith.