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The lyranthe is a fourteen-stringed instrument commonly played by bards on Athera. It is a very difficult instrument to learn and has the most tonal harmonics of any Atheran instrument.

"Two courses are 'drone strings' set to octaves. Five are melody strings, the lower three courses, being octaves, the upper two, in unison."[1]

Masterbard's Lyranthe

The Masterbard's lyranthe was made by the Paravian, Elshian, and is passed on from Masterbard to apprentice as a symbolic passing of the office itself. It is made of cirtus-waxed, varnished wood, and has topaz settings, small emeralds, and carved and inlaid bands with rows of ebony tuners[2]. It is also stamped with Elshian's maker's rune in pearl inlay on the back of the soundboard.

External Links

  • The author has provided information on tuning a lyranthe in the Author's FAQ under "How do you tune a lyranthe?".


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