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Lisianne (sometimes called "Lisya") is the half-sister to a member of the s'Ahelas royal family. She is described as ungracefully large and avoids jewelry and perfume that might draw men's attentions.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Gallant.

Third Age 4995: Lisianne is accompanying Verrain sen Dient when his cousin insults her. Verrain challenges him to a duel in Lisianne's defense and proceeds with his evening in spite of the insult. After an unexpected tryst in her carriage, Lisya tries again to warn Verrain to call off the duel but he insists on proceeding. Lisianne doubles back to the wineshop where Verrain is likely to return after the duel. She borrows clothing from Maefe and conceals herself in a dark corner.

Verrain and his cousin retire to the wine shop for the traditional pledge of amity after their duel. The cousin asks Maefe for a bottle of Carithwyr red and refuses to explain the reasons behind his actions until Verrain has taken a drink. The poisoned wine affects Verrain immediately. Through Lisianne's quick actions, her guardsmen detain the involved cousin and get Verrain away to the palace before he can reveal any trade secrets.

Her half-brother, Adlaize s'Ahelas deduces a Koriani conspiracy to undermine crown rule by damaging the sen Dient reputation for discretion. He reveals that the poison turned out to be a mixture of tienelle and bane root. Adlaize decides that Verrain would be safest in the custody of free wilds clansmen, who can either heal him or deliver him to Ath's Adepts in Forthmark. Realizing that Lisianne is in love, he does not argue her decision to accompany Verrain.

The next morning, Verrain and Lisianne travel with a scheduled outbound dispatch received by Edlie s'Daltier. The clan scout guides them towards the Ippash clan encampment with plans to continue on alone into Vastmark. Lisianne tolerates the pair of guardsmen who do not understand Verrain's affliction. Verrain shows his awareness of the fight against the Mistwraith, in spite of the fact that even Adlaize s'Ahelas was unaware of the nature of the threat. He attacks one of the goading guardsmen until Edlie is able to calm him down.

Verrain wakes Lisianne in a panic in the night. While they hide in an oak tree, the rest of their traveling party is slaughtered. They overhear a conversation between a tracker and a league assassin revealing that Lisianne is to be killed, with Verrain left alive to discredit his family. Lisianne resolves to flee through the free wilds in hopes of reaching Ganish.

Verrain's broadened senses can detect when they have crossed into the free wilds. When Lisianne is threatened by the impact of Paravian presence, he protects her through the physical act of love. The pair is rescued by clansmen when a centaur guardian challenges their trespass in the free wilds, and they are moved to safety in the face of a migrating Riathan herd. A clan scout warns that Verrain's actions may have saved her from a flux overload, but will likely result in conception. Accused of setting fire to the grove where Edlie was murdered, Lisianne explains her relationship to the s'Ahelas family and the reasons behind her trespass. A clan elder recommends sending Verrain on to Ath's Adepts to help him reach death whole, as his mind has drifted too far between the poison and the Paravian exposure. Lisianne refuses to endorse his death and is assigned the role of his keeper instead.

Once Lisianne has sufficiently recovered, she is given a portion of communal chores and then left in isolation to care for Verrain. After twenty-one days, Verrain recovers his voice and some mobility, but not his senses. In autumn, Verrain's first coherent words mourn the loss of Lisianne's unborn daughter, a day before she has a miscarriage. The clan healer states that children conceived near Paravian presence rarely have the strength to survive. Verrain reveals that he can see their daughter whole in spirit beyond the veil, and then warns of the Mistwraith's invasion to the south, and other dangers within Mirthlvain Swamp. The next morning, Verrain goes missing. The clan elders assign Sethant to track him down before he encounters Riathan Paravians and Lisianne insists on accompanying him.

Sethant picks up Verrain's trail heading directly north without any signs of his normal meandering. After securing post horses, Sethant and Lisianne discover Verrain blocking traffic on the trade road to Ganish. He warns a caravan that methspawn are migrating south from Mirthlvain Swamp. Sethant uses his authority as a clan scout to turn the caravan back east towards Atchaz and orders Lisianne to stay with the caravan. Verrain pledges to return to her side.

When the toddler of Frinn and Marega goes missing, Lisianne volunteers to search and ends up with the stragglers. They are attacked by quetzals with cierl-ankeshed venom in the night and Lisianne goes into a paralyzing coma. When Sethant and Verrain return, the clan scout gives her a merciful death while Verrain weeps. The pair discovers that Lisianne was able to protect the toddler in the attack. Sethant builds her funeral pyre himself and stands vigil as Verrain slips back into catatonia.

In the Sacred Grove at the Forthmark hostel, Verrain encounters Lisianne again. She invites him to cross over into death, but he does not accept. Instead, he cries out for answers as to why Mirthlvain Swamp was left unguarded. The strength of Verrain's convictions drains the power from this hostel and reforges him as the Guardian of Mirthlvain.

A centaur erects a monument stone in Lisianne's memory east of Ganish. On the anniversary of her death, it marks the brightest star in the sky. Every autumn, Verrain visits the monument and leaves behind a small gift.