Lance of Justice

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The Lance of Justice is one of three ships constructed at the Riverton shipyard in Third Age 5653.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Third Age 5653: Originally one of the ships that Arithon planned to steal for the clansmen, the Lance of Justice is embroiled in the Koriani conspiracy. It becomes the flag vessel in the plan to blockade Mainmere Bay, and sets sail with an Alliance crew, First Senior Lirenda, a Koriani healer, a small contingent of fighting men, and 73 condemned conspirators including Caolle.

Through Caolle's gambit, the conspirators are able to reclaim the ship. They shift ballast to give the impression that the ship needs repairs and signal to the second ship that a prisoner transfer is needed while the hull is repaired. This enables them to capture the second ship, and ultimately, the third ship. The ship is rechristened as just Lance and picks up Maenol's clansmen from the Korias Flats. It then makes a covert landfall in Havish to augment Arithon's loyal crew with mercenaries and sails to Corith to enact a prisoner exchange with Lysaer. The ship is destroyed by Lysaer's power of Light leaving many of Arithon's clan allies stranded on the beach in a storm.